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    1. Hey, what happened to your demonic gorilla script? It's missing from the site's script list

    2. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/25048-dreambot-v3140-breaking-changes/#comment-399736

      Great tempo script, only issue now is that it wont work with the updated client somehow. Maybe take a look at this?

      1. Veltix


        This will be soon fixed. @TheCloakdOne working on updates.

      2. soapcalf
    3. hi do you have runedragon bot avail for me to buy

    4. I just got your bot, how much game time is ideal to avoid being banned

    5. How's it going mate?

      2 years since you joined DB!

    6. Please provide more info whats the issue? is there any issues shown in the console? usually it only stops when there are no tasks left to complete
    7. Yeah, if you PM on discord can send you a WIP version of the favour gainer if your VIP
    8. Hey it will still attempt to pick up items every so often if something dies on the same tile as it maked as a loot pile, other than that it should work fine
    9. Hey i purchase your RC bot just letting u know it work perfectly to get me 77 rc , now i am doing blood runes but i am a level 3 skiller, script seems to die after couple run everytime to the skeleton being aggro towards skiller. Since i wont be able to run it i guess i was wondering if this was auto renewal every moonth and if i need to cancel. Love the script how i was able to use it before btw really well done !!

    10. hello, i would like to buy the agility ot but i would like to know if the bot works with the itchlarin quest started so as not to spend my money there, that is, it will only go with the food and the antidote potions, if it does not do that, could you make one that make? Thank you.

    11. Hey never bot on an account you are not willing to loose. you are breaking game rules by botting.
    12. hey mate, i just tried using your ammonite crab script again after a few weeks, and somehow its bugged out.

      it wont load anything of my inv & equipment. so it will just go banking and deposit everything... 

      please help

    13. Perma banned from Agility from my main after a few hours of botting over 48 hours baby-sitting the bot. If you have all these scripts, do you have a lot of accounts too? And if you have a lot of accounts, can I have a new one, please?

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