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    1. This is a dreambot error, please ensure you run DBLauncher.jar to ensure you are up to date
    2. Incognito != invisible. Read up on Imperva to find out whats happening
    3. That looks like a script issue, talk to the scripter who buily SShopper, its not a client issue a GUI is going off your screen. @Soldtodie
    4. just started bow string bot stuck at bank depositing non stop, also spins one inv and then trys to tellie to camalot 

    5. Read up on Imperva, its whats giving you issues. its not that hard to bypass. you are most likely being detected prior to ever logging into the game with the client
    6. Account manager side looks awesome dude, keep up the hard work! Happy to help out with pointers etc on networking & large scale farm advice if needed
    7. Will look into the second point, it will always use minimap as thats how DB walks
    8. What are you on about? you tried to scam multiple people
    9. Features - 1-10 Crafting & Sheep Shearer The script will level from 1-10 crafting through wool either by purchasing it from the GE or by shearing sheep in lumbridge. The script will also detect if sheep shearer has been completed and do this quest for extra crafting EXP. - Buy from GE or collect from Lumbridge - Spin wool to balls of wool - Complete Sheep Shearer - Flax Picking & Spinning This script will pick flax in various places across runescape and will then spin it into bow strings at many spinning wheel locati
    10. What changed in GameObject#getInteractableFrom?
    11. A chance to improve that contrast ratio Will defo give the forum ranks a shot, messed around on canva for 5 mins
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