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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox
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  1. Hi, im buying 7 day trial method.
  2. Hey, not sure if you updated the script but it works now. There is another issue though. Sometimes for whatever reason you will examine something, and it gives you this message: https://imgur.com/a/x7IqNvF you cant use spacebar to cancel this. just examine anything, run the script, and you will create the error.
  3. Hey, script just stops as soon as it logs me in.
  4. As you can see, the script sometimes get stuck looking for the guide while on this screen. To reproduce this just use a few slow proxies and it will happen.
  5. still looking for a voucher $8
  6. Buying $8 voucher for VIP osrs gp
  7. Hey, there is an error at the very beginning of the tutorial. The script keeps restarting the conversation with the starting guide before it disables resizeable, and it might eventually get through it after a long time. (This happens on every account) There is also an error at the emotes part, looks like it gets stuck in some kind of loop. This one happens a lot less.
  8. TheOSRSPlayer


    Hey, could you fix the new tutorial island?
  9. TheOSRSPlayer


    Hey I didn't get to use the trial last time, could you send me another one? I'm most likely going to buy it in the next couple days though seeing from all the responses.
  10. TheOSRSPlayer


    Upvoted! trial please.
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