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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    1. What are you doing when that happens? Does it stop the script? You can click on the orange text to open the console and copy the logs
    2. Not sure what the issue is exactly with the slider but you can always launch the client with a max memory jvm parameter by doing this on the terminal within the client's directory java -Xmx256M -jar client.jar 256M being 256MB of max ram
    3. Yes It doesn't work like that, what if there's someone mining with you? The script needs to adapt to that player. Plus, I doubt anyone cares if you are doing it left front right or not You need to select Motherlode Mining before choosing the location, then you can choose lower or upper level
    4. You don't need OSRS installed, just do what the others said Download DBLauncher.jar and find the path to it (for example /home/YOUR_USER/DBLauncher.jar) and just do java -jar "/home/YOUR_USER/DBLauncher.jar" I have to ask though, why are you running Debian if such a simple task is difficult for you?
    5. Glad you are back!
    6. Sure 🥴 I don't wish to waste more time on this topic Thank you for the kind words
    7. It says nowhere in the script page that the bot is human like. I have no issues with constructive criticism, I have added things over time that people find useful. However, suggesting things like a "human mouse" is not something you will see from me, I do not believe it changes anything regarding bans until there's clear proof of such
    8. Please add me on discord if you have it, Neffarion#0001 I lack the level to test the runite right now, unfortunately
    9. ditto at the thread Do you have Fresh start enabled? Fix what exactly? No, sorry, but It doesn't need anything Besides, I have people using this for multiple days on multiple accounts in a row without issues
    10. Might be something related to the walker, I will see if I can find the issue thanks for the report
    11. Please do make a human mouse then, I'll be happy to see it in action. If you can on top of that prove it changes anything regarding bans, I'll be happy to talk about it further
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