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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    1. You shouldnt bot on accounts you care for. Just my friendly advice Anyway, I given you another trial
    2. You can either try and sell it for more to compensate for the gp sink, or just don't merch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    3. I believe the client uses Log4J v1.x <= 1.2.17 so it isn't affected afaik But @Pandemic can answer this better
    4. Do you have anything on the debug console when that happens? Or a video of it happening?
    5. Hmm nothing has changed in the script or the game. Must be a bug with the cache or the client. I recommend you enable fresh start and restart the client
    6. Please go to the script store and click on "try" next to the script. You will get an automated trial
    7. Make sure you add the action string in the interact method that is shown on the menu when you right-click the item on the floor.
    8. Do you have fresh start enabled? Can you provide the debug console log when that happens?
    9. You need to enable cluster mining mode instead of free mode, then you can either set it automatic so the script finds a spot with rocks together for you, or you can set manually a tile that you want. It shouldnt move to other rocks after that
    10. Wrapping everything in a try catch block is just lazy, overall bad design, and it will affect the performance of your script. You should be finding the source of the issue and deal with it accordingly.
    11. You shouldn't be doing that but alright
    12. Please show the whole code, where is "player" coming from?
    13. Sounds like a caching issue with the widgets or something client related since nothing has changed within the game for deposits 😕 What's your pickaxe? The debug console will also tell you more about the reason as to why it stopped. Make sure you open it and paste the output here when that happens
    14. It isn't difficult to know your IP is from AWS and Jagex knows this, no legit player would be running under an IP of sorts. It isn't wise to use them as proxies
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