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  1. I was doing maintenance server side, so it wasn't available for a moment. Restart client, it should work now
  2. That's just part of how it works, it gets interrupted mid way with the level up and it restarts the process. Better be safe than sorry Sent trial, Nope Sent trial Sent trial
  3. At last! Thank you Edit: there's seems to be an issue with profiles and SDN Fixed
  4. There's already a delay it uses to wait for the items to come through, consider connecting to worlds closer to you for lower latency Also, you can try fiddle around with the "Delay deviation level" to slower values within the "Antiban" part of the GUI
  5. you need to set up the tasks like this https://drive.google.com/file/d/14G40Cwj4iS89w5v4c4JoFqmz203y8fCq/view
  6. If that worries you then you got it all wrong m8. No one cares about that really. The way it works won't change though You can remove the paint with the tray icon by right clicking. There's also the message logger which you can enable on the GUI. It will show you the chat in a window