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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    1. I need more information than that as I don't seem to be able to reproduce your issue. Can you record this happening and send it to me?
    2. Seems to be something related to the latest DB Build and something the script uses from it. It should be fixed within a day. Sorry about that
    3. I believe @Pandemic accidentally obfuscated a field on the latest build? Either that or something changed CacheSettings.GAME_OBJECTS_CACHE_TIMER No longer exists Now the script crashes on SDN because of it. Regardless, I removed that from the script in the meantime, it should be fine if you recompile it HashTag
    4. Please run DBLauncher to update the client and enable Fresh start in the client settings (then restart the client). Let me know if it helps
    5. Congrats my dude What type of cancer was it?
    6. I can't really recommend any schedule as that would make any recommendation pointless because people would use it I will be including analytics into the scripts in the future, no need to buy anything else Do you have any errors in the console log when you synchronize the profiles? Make sure you get the latest Dreambot update. If that doesnt fix please post or pm me the error. You can find this error in detail by going to C:\Users\YOURUSER\DreamBot\Logs (Should be the one that has the latest creation date)
    7. Well I normally just recommend you set to what you feel you would do during normal gameplay. Otherwise setting it with the randomize option on top works fine
    8. Can't reproduce your issue, please provide video of it happening as well as the tasks you are setting
    9. Well make sure you have Fresh Start enabled in the client settings (then restart the client) If that doesn't help, then you are probably misconfiguring it in the gui
    10. Well sorry about that. But botting comes with unpredictable risks. You need to be prepared to face them if you bot. The only person to be responsible about it is the player in the end
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