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  1. Good job! I can give you some suggestions, take them and use them if you'd like: (Read the comments, easier that way) private static final int ANIMATION_CHOPPING = 0; // Not sure what the ID is, you should check it yourself and change @Override public int onLoop(){ //int returnValue = 300; // Don't do this, its totally worthless, doesnt do anything besides increase the delays for no reason. // It won't help you with any bans if thats what you are worried about //sleep( 1820, 2862 ); // Seperate your current states instead of doing things procedurally and expecting things to follow through all the time (they might not and you can get stuck on something // For example, You can seperate the branch where the bank is open or not and act on it, same for inventory, etc switch (currentTask) { case BANK: if(getBank().isOpen()){ if(getInventory().isEmpty()){ if(getBank().close()){ currentTask = Task.CHOP; } }else{ if(getBank().depositAllItems()){ SleepUntil(() -> getInventory().isEmpty(), 1500); } } }else{ if(getInventory().isEmpty()){ currentTask = Task.CHOP; }else{ if (!BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getArea(2).contains(getLocalPlayer())) { // Try to get into the habit of testing if the operations were successfull if(getWalking().walk(BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getArea(2).getRandomTile())){ // You can use sleepUntil to sleep or "wait" until a condition is met. // It isnt a must, but it helps prevent spam clicking and mistakes because of any sudden "lag" you might get MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getWalking().shouldWalk(), 4000); } }else{ if(getBank().open()){ MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getBank().isOpen(), 3000); } } } } break; case CHOP: if(treeArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())){ if (getInventory().isFull() ) { currentTask = Task.BANK; }else{ if(getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() != CHOPPING_ANIMATION_ID){ GameObject tree = getGameObjects().closest("Tree"); if (tree != null && tree.interact("Chop down")) { MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == CHOPPING_ANIMATION_ID, 3000); } } } }else{ if (getInventory().isFull() ) { currentTask = Task.BANK; }else{ if(getWalking().walk(treeArea.getRandomTile())){ MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getWalking().shouldWalk(), 4000); } } } } return 500; }
  2. It already kinda is, its different for each dreambot user
  3. It's kinda hard to diagnose your issue with just that information my dude I need a lot more
  4. uh my bad, thought by the error you were just doing ssh I don't know how to help you, try following one of this help guides: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/662421/no-x11-display-variable-what-does-it-mean
  5. Theres no desktop environment, how are you even gonna use dreambot?
  6. I just finished making an addition to the GUI to add an option that lets you choose if you want to make the script empty the inventory at the bank once the task starts. Screenshot This is only on v1.17 which I have uploaded for SDN review. Needs DreamBot devs to approve Also, need them to help you fix the fact that you do not own the script. @Hashtag
  7. Need more info, probably something wrong you are doing
  8. The user indeed does not seem to have the script, I think the SDN bugged out because I had removed the monthly payment requirement and the user already had paid before, so a month must have passed and it removed it automatically? Not sure here (I think, he thinks I removed it lol) You had an issue with the script not being able to get to travel to Karamja, as well as the character trying to hop to p2p worlds when it was just f2p. They were valid issues which I had fixed last patch (v1.16) (It just took like 3-4 days to get SDN reviewed). So just that itself discredits the 0 fixes. I don't understand what you mean with the dropped items though, why are you not starting with a clean inventory? If its something that you can't control, then I can make some changes to clean the inventory up every start of a task if required, but then again, need more context
  9. I didn't refund anything (I can't even do such thing) Ask a dreambot developer what happened here: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/19-billing-support/
  10. Congratz Arti! Now with this we won't have only papa Nezz and Noto to meme about DB3
  11. I would add that if it wasn't kinda complex with what I already have, but honestly It just isn't worth my time to add that, you should be caring less of players and more about your botting habits, that's what gets you banned 99% of the time
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