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    1. You can set to hide the NPC attack option in the game settings to avoid misclicks
    2. I have not tried it with redwood but you can add me on discord: Neffarion#0001
    3. Because other scripts are different or lack some features this one has. Those files are just item data for the script's ui. You can open it with 7zip if you want to see it
    4. You mean master mulling or slave mulling? Varrock East is in the bank list
    5. There's always something you can make that someone has not. Either way, there's nothing stopping you from making a script that already exists but with better and more features (or just cheaper)
    6. They don't see any scripts errors Like @yeeter01 said, you probably just had bad luck and got caught botting
    7. Stop contradicting yourself and making yourself look like an idiot. You come into this script thread and right off the bat start blaming the script because you got banned. You didn't share anything beyond that with your measly 2-hour experience. You ain't warning anyone, saying a script is detectable is like saying water is wet, any script can and will get you banned eventually. Furthermore, you mentioned you used another script beforehand, so anything you bring to the table in that regard is totally pointless. I'm sure you could. Yeah, dude. You did nothing wrong. A fresh account, having its first post as a "warning" saying that someone's work sucks, is definitely normal, but keep up. I'm sure someone will care about it one day. Anyway, if you are done with your pointless trolling. Have a nice day
    8. The trials are automated, check the script store out, search for the script and click on "Try"
    9. Doesn't sound like you don't mind it, seeing as you are posting because you were banned Either way, looking forward to your guides on how to make a script that doesn't get banned
    10. No script will be "unbannable". The sole purpose of a script is to work and do what it was meant to do. If you got banned then you can only blame yourself for botting
    11. The script doesn't do that. Either it just clicks once on each herb. You can use a trial to check it out if you want
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