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  1. Aww... thank you for nice words i'll always update it for you when it breaks
  2. Anywhere from 1900-2200 depending on many factors, most of the process is automated but I try to make manual adjustments every now and then to lose track. Its easy to get rekt by rwt bans running that many bots I lost over 10b In January only to this(most recent). My captcha solving statistics from January to see some numbers: Assuming 80% success ratio you have over 100k accs every month to create, prepare and run so it would be impossible to manually handle that.
  3. 1. 400m-800m daily (after deducting costs, loses, random banwaves) 2. 2100+ 3. i abuse flaws in jagex system alot
  4. Thanks for info, should be good now
  5. will look at it, is it fine if u run it after logging in?
  6. Have you tried deleting jagex cache files and turning on "Fresh start"in options? Just ran a test and works fine for me
  7. ill look into this thanks. Updated to v0.2: * Script will now set up random chars as a name if name screen is visible.
  8. =========================== NASA TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT =========================== Key features: * Completes tutorial island using advanced algorithms(very) Additional features: * Terminates roofs * Initializes shift-drop protocol * Terminates audio * Terminates initial resizable-mode Screens: