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  1. Id like the $40 back or the account back
  2. He sold me the account for $40 and just recovered it today. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/profile/74482-campyder/
  3. This guy is getting tons of people and no doubt will get more people tomorrow if he is not banned. He sells fresh accounts the changes the passwords hoping to get some items off the accounts. I really should have looked at the dispute against him before trading. I dont know how to prove it but he is definetly a scammer and you can ask me and pharoh or anyone and get the same answer. https://gyazo.com/e2ec0a8d10e29a438a73c6b74fb886d2 here is my chat with him he got me for 1.6m and 2 bond accounts.
  4. hundreds of accounts available If someone is beating my price just let me know. Current price = 150k per account. Discord: Script#2345
  5. This thread is me disputing false feedback.
  6. I also told roka, Im not sending you the higher usd amount that bitcoin went up to. Since I priced the payment in US dollars, not bitcoin, I sent him 46 Us dollars.
  7. I paid roka instantly but due to a problem with the bitcoins, It did not confirm. This feedback is very misleading and makes me look like a scammer, when I literally paid Instantly and the btc wallet I had used failed. As soon as I got the btc back he was refunded the full amount. Here is the day that the transaction occurred, With the full amount being sent. https://gyazo.com/f4874fcf9cce9ceeca9d51b08aa24ec4 EDIT: First payment: https://gyazo.com/f4874fcf9cce9ceeca9d51b08aa24ec4 https://blockchain.info/address/1Kdcqq9uEEt6WM6829GmFoZf8A4GPoj4Lg (first payment now showing back up) (Not sure if it will disappear or get confirmed) Second payment(confirmed): https://blockchain.info/address/1GF6DgCjBNPbKPQDZs28arvyEkc9b7cu1w So right now, because of my previous wallet's error, there is a possibility He will get paid twice, Which is what I was trying to tell him all along.
  8. $46 Usd was paid as soon as the transaction amount went back to me (Around 10 hours ago) https://blockchain.info/address/1GF6DgCjBNPbKPQDZs28arvyEkc9b7cu1w
  9. https://twitter.com/weiran/status/864766787493253120
  10. Script's Gold Shop Buying price: .92/m Buy Limit: $500 Payment Options: BTC (preferred), Paypal (Buy Limit $120) Pm me on discord
  11. Script's 30-day Membership Codes Current prices: $1.3 or 1.3m per code! Pm me on discord to purchase!
  12. Hey, im building a computer with mostly botting in mind. Im looking to run about 20 bots at a time. I was under a very low budget when choosing the parts. I have a few questions: *how good are these choices so far for my budget, my budget is $300. *Say I run more bots than the computer is meant to handle, what would happen? * is this a decent setup for botting in general, or what should i improve ? Setup so far: i7 960 - 70$ Intel DX58SO motherboard -130$ 128gb ssd -37$ Better than intel cpu fan/ heatsink -15$ This is what i have bought so far, im planning on getting 1600 ram 16gb, some power supply dont care. I already have moniters and i dont really want to buy a computer case so i might use an old dell case and put a ton of fans. Also im going to attempt to buy Ram tonight at a micro center, along with a power supply. My plan is to download like nothing because of 128gb ssd. Any advice at all would be great, or just opinions. Thanks for reading.
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