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    1. It seems this has been resolved, even if with some lingering bitterness. I don't believe there was any attempt to scam. As is typical with any business that gets scaled up, there will be problems during growth. An employee/associate of Chicks' messed up and they did what they could to make it right. Users take full responsibility for the companies they run, and the users they employ. Chicks has been held accountable with the negative feedback on his profile. This thread will be closed.
    2. We'll remove the negative feedback on your profile as that is not the proper way to review an SDN script.
    3. Did you ever sell a private script to the user? Or is this most certainly a complaint over an SDN script?
    4. Prime

      Account Appeal

      If that was the only offense on your account, we can proceed with unbanning your DreamBot account. Welcome back.
    5. Prime

      Account Appeal

      How much GP did you steal? @Morvax How much of a refund would make things right with you?
    6. @aloysc Ariba has indicated intent to try to resolve this with you. Try to collect your refund from them. Let us know if anything else goes wrong.
    7. Trade with Caution. This user has multiple disputes against him for scamming, and has been banned off-site for confirmed reports of scamming.

    8. Ariba is currently banned on Sythe for numerous verified scam reports over the last few years. I'd highly recommend against trading with them. @Ariba please respond to this dispute made against you.
    9. User has been banned. He can appeal if he settles his debts for his off-site scams.
    10. Prime

      Arti out

      Always found it interesting following the developments in your life, Arti. Keep us updated, still!
    11. @TecnoMarine has been banned. If he wishes to return to the community, he must repay all those that he scammed. Sorry for your losses. To mitigate risk, try to use middlemen whenever possible. Or buy from trusted vendors with a long feedback history.
    12. @TecnoMarine Going to need you to respond to this. You will be placed under 'Trade with Caution' until this is resolved.
    13. Hi. The only language we can provide support with on here is English. The script author in question, Roma, would not be able to provide you with support in your language either.
    14. You've been made aware now. The rules regarding this can be found here:
    15. Repeatedly pinging staff members does not help your case. We don't allow the advertisement of private scripts from those without the rank of Scripter+ or higher. As such, we only recommend buying private scripts from those with the rank of Scripter+ or higher. Purchasing private scripts outside of our guidelines falls out of our protection, and you make said purchases at your own risk. That said, if you have overwhelming evidence that the user has scammed you, we will accept it and take appropriate action towards them. But we will not be making any effort on your behalf.
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