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  1. Hey. Welcome to DreamBot. I'd encourage you to check out our Discord server at https://discord.gg/wvZaH3W. It focuses on the educational aspects of RS-related programming, and it'd be nice to have you be apart of the discourse. As for your post, we at DreamBot have a general rule to avoid mentioning other botting platforms in ways that come off as advertising for them. I doubt this was your intention. I figure you are just trying to demonstrate your accomplishments on other communities, which I recognize. Going forward, it would be better for you to not openly display them here so much. I assure you still we are very open-minded about multi-platform users. In fact, I can help you confirm any off-site profiles you'd like me to, to bolster your new reputation here. We hope you enjoy your time here.
  2. Nice shop. Good luck with sales.
  3. Our store here does not accept PayPal, but there are forum users that will sell store credits for PayPal payment. You can find them here: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/132-vouchers/
  4. I botted for a while before the perm finally came. I at first micromanaged the activities to be more careful, but then later got reckless. There is a killer sand crab script here by Hashtag. Link here.
  5. An account with a prior ban will always be at higher risk. Any subsequent ban you receive will certainly be a permanent ban, too. If you're risk averse, just don't bot on the account anymore. But what's the fun in that. Live by the sword. Die by the sword. That's how I lost my main account and 2B. But it's all part of the game. Just don't risk more than you want to lose. Also, maybe you'd have better luck if you use DreamBot for your botting needs.
  6. We give our users more than 24 hours to respond to disputes. Generally, we give users 72 hours. There are reasons for people to be busy.
  7. User has been banned for failure to respond. He has likely ran off with your money. Sorry for your loss.
  8. It is likely that your money is gone and you will never see it again. As a new user with weak trading history, you may often feel obliged to go first when trading. Remember that there is always the option to use a trusted middleman. There are several verified middlemen on this site that will offer such a service for free, and it will protect you from such scams. Be wary of any user who refuses to use a middleman, especially when they do not have an established reputation or trading history.
  9. I'm not a lawyer and I'm sure it varies from place to place, but generally, the law realizes that an IP address is not a person. It is not a unique identifier of an individual. This line of thinking is why you would have limited or no liability if someone steals your WiFi to commit crimes. Most proxy providers will keep logs of their customers' usages, anyhow. So if it really came down to it, they would be able to see which customer did which activities on the proxy. As long as you are clean and your own intentions are good, I think you have little to worry about.
  10. The user you are referring to has been banned for scamming.
  11. Do not grave-dig. This thread is a year old and is no longer relevant. The item being sold is no longer available.
  12. You dug up a thread from last year. Whatever he is selling is no longer available and this thread is no longer relevant. Locked.
  13. @GANJAMAN has failed to respond after multiple warnings and attempts to reach out to him. He will be banned. If he wishes to be unbanned, he must resolve this dispute with you and repay any amount he has scammed.
  14. You can, but you need strong sufficient reason. Typically, you won't be able to successfully chargeback payments sent via "Friends and Family" unless you planned it such that you intended to from the start.