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  1. Not entirely sure how they go about doing it but some people do sell Google Cloud trial accounts on a different website for up to from what I've seen $30 a pop which is still worth it for what you're getting. Google Cloud is probably the best way to get a free VPS tbh. Not sure if there are any other websites/services that give you trials like Amazon and Google do but if you find one lemme know pls.
  2. If you did want to do this it is possible, having your accounts being registered through an email hosting service and verified automatically for example, but creating emails themselves is also a thing. There's something called PVACreator I believe that caught my eye a while back that's quite costly but I managed to find a working copy thru other means if you get what I mean *wink* *wink*. I haven't really messed around with it too much because as already said above you don't HAVE to have the email you use to sign up in order to register let alone if the mentioned program even works. Something you could work towards is having a private scripter script out an account creator for you that'd verify emails automatically as mentioned though.
  3. Added on discord
  4. Oh my mistake I apologize I’m blind. I didn’t see what section this is posted in. Sorry
  5. Didn’t you already make a post? Don’t spam posts, that won’t help you find someone faster. Check the private script shop section, there are plenty of scripters ready to take your request over there.
  6. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/191-private-scripting-shops/
  7. Stats of the account https://ibb.co/HDgkH4N Account status (bans, mutes) https://ibb.co/qJB75NH Login screen https://ibb.co/NpWYgJH Quests (completed) https://ibb.co/YD34XMd Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) https://ibb.co/bzb1FgJ Minimum bid (price to start bids) 150M Autowin 200M Payment method OSRS GP Trading conditions (middleman) MM will be used depending on your rep Previous owners (if any) I am the second owner
  8. I guess I'll clear this up for you, if you don't want to see all of your accounts at once banned, chain banned, I'd suggest using proxies. Depending on what your using the VPN for it could come in handy to bot some stats on a single account and later appeal if it gets banned.
  9. Regardless of anti-ban, any client can and will get you banned if you bot enough with it. In my opinion, in today's age of botting it's not really about who has the best anti-ban/anti-pattern, it's about experimenting, seeing what works and what doesn't. As far as achievements go, you'll absolutely have some people on every client who has their successes including maxed accounts, 99s and so on.
  10. Look on the SDN, two new dicers were recently released.
  11. Wish I could say it was cause I could use some GP atm but I don't have it anymore sadly
  12. Looking for the above accounts, not looking to run a lot of them, 10 at a time if that. I'd like the accounts to have reached 100TL & 20 hour in game time by splashing if possible because I'll need the magic levels.
  13. Meh. I don't at all know the secret to successfully dicing but it's possible. Like I said though per Dreambot's terms bans aren't a valid reason for a refund unfortunately. If you can't make it work within the remaining time you have with the script I'd say dicing might not be for you. I too wanted to give this script a go but I don't want to end up regretting it and or take a loss.
  14. Not the script author but just so you know, bans aren't a valid reason for a refund per the terms you agreed to when you bought this script. Bans come with the package that is botting so you have to find a way to make the most of your account before it's inevitably gone. I won't go into how to make it last but what I will tell you is try something different. Get some levels on the account before dicing, don't take a fresh level 3 and expect stacks of mills from it.
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