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    1. On the topic of ban rates and clients, I don’t think there’s much of a difference in each clients premium offerings, I.e. covert, mirror, cloak, etc. You can likely be successful regardless of the client you use. Much of the public botting clients have their own user base for a reason. So that is to say someone, somewhere is having their successes otherwise those clients wouldn’t exist. I can’t speak for this client specifically because some time ago I’ve moved to and currently use a different client but of all the botting clients to choose, DreamBot should be a solid pick once you get your footing.
    2. Does it handle accounts that haven't completed tutorial island yet? Been a minute since I last used an account checker but IIRC some account checkers I've tried in the past wouldn't work/would break if an account was still on tutorial island. Nice release nonetheless!
    3. As the above said, I don't believe this client is detected. I currently get banned faster on a certain other client at the moment than any other.
    4. Assuming you're offering payment I'm sure you could find a scripter willing to write that here: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/191-private-scripting-shops/
    5. 🚗Uber accounts 🚗 Discord: A G#5987 HCIM Starters: Having ran these accounts through WT, they've gathered a bunch of useful resources from opening crates gained along the way to help make the grind on your new iron easier! https://ibb.co/ynqgZcs https://ibb.co/S7ZsVm1 https://ibb.co/7STQmgg - accounts have 99FM, levels in other skills trained at WT and no QP. Can't show bans since that requires setting an email. Price: 65M per Stock: 1 (as of 3/18/21) Different types of accounts will be available for sale soon. Terms of service: - Account skills aren't guaranteed to be exactly as pictured unless otherwise stated. Skill level screen shots are provided for reference. - The accounts I sell have no bans and no email registered unless otherwise stated. - I am not responsible for bans after the account is sold. - Once the account is sold, you are responsible for whatever you decide to do with it including reselling it should you so choose. - Accounts will not be recovered. I am the original owner of any accounts I sell unless otherwise stated. Accepted payment methods: BTC | OSRS GP
    6. Probably the best solution I've found for now is to buy a VPN since it seems a fair portion of their IPs, at least for the provider I'm using, aren't currently blocked and can be used to create accounts. Either that or search for some residential proxies. Jagex started blocking a bunch of IPs some time ago so you'll be getting error 15 with lots of IPs.
    7. The error has a heading that says "Whitelabel Error Page" and says there was an unexpected error, 403 Forbidden. Now that I think about it I saw that message pretty much every time it launched a new window and proceeded to use the provided config/proxy so I'm not sure if that's normal, I'm just now seeing it stuck on this. I'm assuming that means I've gotten myself blocked from 10MM presumably since it seemed to have issues using the provided configs consistently, it appeared as though sometimes it would and wouldn't use them. Here's what it looks like for reference:
    8. Not sure if the next version will fix this but now all I see when trying to create accounts with VPN configs is the whitelabel error. I reset my VPN credentials too so that shouldn't be an issue unless I need to grab new configs since I reset the credentials?
    9. Don't believe so if you're asking about Android. There is apparently a mobile client out there you can Google for but I don't know if its legitimate, if it works, the ban rates for it, etc, etc. From my understanding, more or less an assumption though I may be wrong however, that particular 'client' is just AHK in disguise and doesn't actually do/change anything to the mobile version the way DB does for the desktop client example.
    10. Nah, what'll happen at the moment if you don't verify your email within that 7 days is you'll simply need to either set a different email or following the link in the same email they gave you, you'll need to request a new one
    11. Interesting to know, I just wanted to clarify because at face value that sounded like they were now indeed requiring verification as part of all these changes they're making. If it helps in getting around locks then that's awesome.
    12. They're now requiring email verification? I know the email says you'll need to verify within 7 days but that doesn't mean verification is required unless you know for sure verification is now required. Regardless, great to hear you'll be adding an update for it if that's the case. I wouldn't mind throwing GPs or something your way as a donation for your work if you'd like.
    13. Yup, ran with windows, chrome & chrome driver installed as instructed. I ticked disable proxies and removed the proxies that were already filled in. All good though, no rush. Nice to see another account creator being worked on.
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