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  1. Make sure what ur typing in the box is "Chicken" (minus the quotes) and not "chicken", I believe it's case sensitive if I'm not mistaken.
  2. UberJason

    Warriors Guild

    @Roma seems to leave behind the platebody of the armor set. Not sure if it's only rune, but rune is the set I'm using with it. Is that intentional? :O
  3. Fr tho? Agility is a higher ban rate skill so I was just wondering. I guess it’s better cuz why make it if it’s the same ban rate I suppose.
  4. Trial ran out ;-; what’s the ban rate on this though fr? Surely it must be better than running the regular agility courses I assume?
  5. ^ get some proxies or something. Botting straight from a VM is no good. You could just unlock them after which they'll probably be fine to bot with, but proxies are better. Just find the right kind of proxy tho. I personally use cheap proxies because I'm a cheap mofo, they seem to be doing fine for my usage though.
  6. I'm finding some scripts are running into issues where they're not able to click past the roof of buildings and things thus if left unattended for too long they'll be clicking on nothing for potentially infinity, losing time and gp to be made. A simple fix for this would simply be to go in and enable the roof hiding in advanced options. Sure, it may be easy enough to do yourself and may not be something scripters would want to bother with since you could do it yourself, but another client already does this by default if I'm not mistaken and I would appreciate seeing it added to DB as well since going through and enabling it by hand on a bunch of accounts can get annoying. Thanks for reading.
  7. Posted topic in the right place mb
  8. @Nex I'd like to see the script be able to buy more food upon running out if possible. Could use a glory to teleport out back to karamja, rinse and repeat. When the glory is on its last charge, teles to edge to get another. If it's meant to buy more food it's bugged atm, because as soon as it runs out of food it stops.
  9. Now that I'm actually giving this a try it I feel like quite a few people looking at accounts running with it might suspect its a bot and get an ez report on it. Criticism aside, if the account I'm testing it on is able to avoid the ban hammer I might buy the lifetime version. Any chance prayer flicking could be added? EDIT: @Nex bug: doesn't detect a prayer potion that has had a dose or more taken and attempts to withdraw another pot over an otherwise full inventory.
  10. UberJason


    @Roma Price Ali rescue & Gertrude's cat might be bugged, keeps spamming looking for items in the debugger even though the required items were already bought and put in the bank.
  11. @DtohhM8 Is it meant to constantly click where the cursor in the below image is? I didn't wanna keep running it because that to me seems like a bug.
  12. UberJason


    Noticed after completing plague city and bio hazard specifically that it attempts to bank by using home teleport. The script ends up stopping because it already used the home teleport following completion of plague city. Could it be made to just walk to the nearest bank? Thanks. @Roma
  13. @DtohhM8 Running the script on an account now. Will post proggy once out of knifes. Does the script detect when out of ammo?
  14. Neat, would like to see as well ++
  15. I'd like to add that unfortunately mass account creation isn't free because Fagex doesn't want you to bot. You bois might want to grab some proxies as well.
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