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  1. well idk then, good luck.
  2. Are you running this as a jar? it should look like this: https://gyazo.com/f91ee93d423a0b262173009b764e4b5d
  3. No. Once you buy a script you have it forever, unless it is removed, or has a monthly fee. Most scripts don't have a monthly fee though - only a select few.
  4. Hey mate, make sure your zoom is set to default and you're on fixed mode in game. (Right click mouse icon in settings and click set default zoom) If this doesn't solve your problem, I'd suggest posting on this script's thread, here: For future reference: If you have any script bugs, post them on the script/scripters thread or PM the scripter about the issues. This wasn't really in the right section
  5. They're pretty strict on RWT bans. To be honest, I don't think you'll get the account back. I wish you luck though
  6. If you don't have 100% disk usage this isn't your problem. Check it and see what it is when you open dreambot. If things look normal, you may want to try completely deleting dreambot and reinstalling it. Can also try deleting jagex cache
  7. You can try giving the client more ram. If you're on windows 10 there is a bug with 100% disk usage(I blame the OS). I found the best fix for this is to open the clients, and let them sit for around 10-15 mins before using. Not sure why only windows 10 does this, have no problems with my PC that has ubuntu.
  8. You're being banned so quickly because you're dicing. Most accounts you dice on will be banned within 5 minutes. Try doing something else, bet you'll have less bans.
  9. You'll be alright man, 1 day late won't kill ya. xD Personally, I woulda just let this go. But good on you for taking a stand.
  10. DreamBot is way better and also uses a hell of a lot less CPU allowing you to run more clients at once. You made the right choice for sure.
  11. Chances are your VPS only looks laggy and is actually working fine As for the proxy question, it sounds like you have a bad/dead proxy.
  12. You're lucky you even got a 2 day ban. Proxies won't prevent bans either, they only help with chain bans. Don't bot on an account you don't want to lose. Use throw-away accounts to make your GP and train your main account legit, using the GP made from throw-away accounts to buy the best gear/supplies you can afford. Most importantly, don't bot your 2 day banned account again. Next is perm. Good luck
  13. Dreambot didn't hack your OSRS account bro, especially not for 200m. I'd recommend being more careful about who you're sharing passwords with/which sites you're visiting
  14. Before you purchase a script you should always go through the comments. Zawy hasn't replied to this topic since 2017 (quite a few pages of people saying it's broken.) To make a proper refund request you should use the template found here: