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    1. For example, if I'm wearing an amulet of glory, and I want to teleport to edgeville. It will sometimes click other pieces of equipment by mistake, while trying to interact with the glory, and it unwields the items. It's not the easiest to reproduce, as it's happening at random over a 24 hr period. And I'm doing a lot of equipment interaction. @Pandemic
    2. Botting doesn't suck, you just suck at botting
    3. I think I'll just take the L on this one and buy another PC. I have 0 clue what I'm doing even with the guide. Lmaooooooo holy shit Thanks for the attempt at helping though! Edit: Ended up just cancelling my service. I was surprised at how hard it actually was to set up. GG $30.00
    4. Thanks for the reply! Once I log in with VNC viewer, it just opens CMD. I pretty much expected to be viewing a desktop when I logged in - so I could get straight to botting. Am I doing something wrong? 😮 Kinda confused, I already have experience with ubuntu because it's on my laptop, but when it comes to setting this up I'm lost. lmao
    5. I bought an ubuntu 20.04 server, but I have no idea how to remote connect to it, so I can bot. First VPS ever, and I'm a boomer. I thought I only needed to install putty to access the server, but I'm not exactly sure what to do after logging in. Do I have to install the remote desktop on the server with putty somehow? Bought from Contabo if that helps. Trying to connect from a windows 10 pc. Thanks for the help, lmfao.
    6. Are you world hopping? Sounds like it may be hopping to deadman mode worlds.
    7. You have the option to request a free trial for most scripts - if you go to the store, just click try. The fact that you got banned is YOUR fault, the fact that you spent "hundreds of dollars" on scripts without even testing them first isn't the smartest. That being said, I've been suicide farming for about 2-3 weeks straight now, and I've only had 3 accounts banned. Made few hundred M. You're doing something wrong.
    8. Same issue, debug console being spammed with - was just coming here to post @Pandemic: 2:52:47 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:49 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:51 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:52 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:53 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:54 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:55 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:56 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:57 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:52:58 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495 2:53:00 PM: [ERROR] Varp Definition is null! ID: 29495
    9. Update on this: I found just returning -1 instead of using the stop() function fixes it.
    10. When I stop my scripts, onExit is looping like 15 times. Started happening recently. No negative impact on scripts but figured it's worth mentioning Edit: Pretty sure this only happens when I use stop(). Manually stopping the script fixes it.
    11. If you want to hop fast so you don't die or something, it might be better just to have the script log out, then choose the world from the actual menu screen.
    12. Inventory is definitely a bit buggy still. Just watched my script try to deposit the same item about 5-6 times before successfully clicking it. Keeps clicking between inventory slots instead of clicking the actual item.
    13. Donated $25 and lost my Lifetime Sponsor rank. Can this be added back for me please? Thanks! @[email protected]
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