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    1. It will usually use the live prices + some % on top. However there is a min value for items and stacks set. You can modify and even overwrite item prices by editing the "rquester prices" file in your users/YOUR_USER/dreambot/scripts folder. All the instructions can be found in the file. Simply open it with any text editor.
    2. You should start it at the GE, it's likely that DreamBot won't find the path from Camelot to GE on it's own, or die on the way there. As for the quests - it will use teleports while completing them.
    3. It's doing that because you've saved a ring of dueling (5) to your setup. Please remove any untradebles from your setup as it's going to look for these on combat based quests. If they're missing it will also try to buy them from GE.
    4. No. Hey, it is not recommended to run this script on an ironman (especially HCIM I guess, as you'd risk the status). It will work if you manually gather the items but on some quests it will look for very strict items, in my opinion it's just not worth the hustle figuring it all out.
    5. Let me know if you have questions. In short: start it at GE with the setup you'd like it to use on combat based quests and just queue the quests up in the order you'd like the bot to complete them. You can also save and then load your setup if you wish. Glad that you like the script!
    6. Hey, you could request a script here https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/87-script-requests/ Or maybe look into private scripts https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/191-private-scripting-shops/
    7. Hey, appreciate the comment and glad that you like the script!
    8. Will take a look, thanks!
    9. Roma

      Warriors Guild

      Hey, maybe it's on another account? You could ask the staff, I'm sure they'll resolve it for you .
    10. Hey, just disable the attack option .
    11. The quest list can be found on the first page, it's likely the final list.
    12. z10n

      Your quest bot spam clicks the minimap, its super bot like to spam click the minimap over 5 hours. Most humans click and wait, please humanize your quester bots map clicking.

    13. Uh strange, I'll test it this week.
    14. The full list can be found in the first post. As of now it will stop if a quest requirement isn't met, changing that at this point would be quite a hustle but maybe in the future. I think you don't meet the skill requirements. Check the console (log) it'll print what's required.
    15. It will use the setup you've loaded (or had on start). If you want it to use magic on witch's house - make sure to have runes and a staff that supports autocasting in your setup. Also to keep in mind - once the quest has been started, banking will be skipped. There is no exception for Witch's house or any other quest, that's how it gears up for combat based quests. Edit: check the first post for more info on how to set it up.
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