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    1. That means that you don't have enough GP to buy the required item. Check the log it'll print the reason why it's stopping in there. You can modify the way it's getting the prices by editing the prices file in your scripts folder with any editor. Instructions can be found in there.
    2. Pushed an update (3.23.2), tested all quests except for: Animal magnetism Eagles peak Fishing contest Lost city RFD dwarf RFD ogre Please let me know if you run into issues with the listed quests and I'll look into them as well.
    3. Ok, I'll write it down, just finished testing my quester, I should have more time later this month.
    4. Thank you for the comment! I appreciate it but I'm not accepting any donations . I will work on the quester if I have more time, I am usually just busy with new projects all the time.
    5. Hey, I don't think that there's a partial refund on DreamBot. You can request a refund in the refund section, however I have to say that the task queuing is definitely not broken, as I use the script myself regularly right now and it works as intended. So it has to be something to do with your settings, or the way you're running the script. Priest in Peril is a quest I complete on most of my accounts and I never monitor it. I've been actually building an account to run through all the quests on the weekend and got down to these: So MTD/Chompy I have not tested, but people have said tha
    6. I'll check it out, actually testing many quests, will take some time but I'll check tut as well.
    7. Any script can get you banned, bot at your own risk .
    8. Roma

      Warriors Guild

      Pushed an update, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for letting me know! The staff has to approve it first, so it'll take some time till it's going to be available on the SDN.
    9. Roma

      Warriors Guild

      Hey, I'll take a look.
    10. Hi, I am really struggling with the Warrior Bot, When i run the script nothing happens at all, I just get a message at the bottom of client saying "Client setting saved successfully" Not sure whats going wrong here and very annoying as i want to buy but trying to use the trial and not being able to use and trial about to run out. 

      So I have restarted laptop a few times to try and resolve, nothing. What i am doing is.

      Fresh start enabled. 
      Nothing in Inventory
      Black set in Bank. 

      Camera set to default. 


      Log in before starting script.


      Then nothing happens. Its as if the script doesn't even run. just "Client settings saved successfully" 

      12:56:20: [INFO] Now loading WarriorGuildDefender...

      12:56:20: [INFO] Saving client settings...

      12:56:20: [INFO] Client settings saved successfully!

      12:56:20: [INFO] Successfully saved client settings!



      Please help as my trail is about to run out and i want to try before i buy

      Annotation 2021-03-29 125832.png





      EDIT :: __ Trial has now run out, Did not get to try the bot at all. 

    11. Hello, unfortunately there are no other payment plans available. I however wanted to do a routine run through most of the quests to make sure that none are broken due to an update. I would really appreciate if you'd be able to provide me an account with the required stats for the test run, I'd be able to gift you the script if you did. Please PM me if you're interested .
    12. I might add that option sometime next month
    13. Haha, I don't really have the time at the moment to add more. Maybe in the future. Thanks for the feedback
    14. Have you tried adjusting the camera zoom and enabling fresh start in your settings? Where exactly does it fail at?
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