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  1. Roma


    Yes, 3 more. Eagles peak, SotS, RFD Dave. Thanks for the feedback .
  2. Roma


    Of course. Authed.
  3. Roma


    No problem, I'm just trying to be as efficient as possible, usually I'm multi tasking so if there's an answer in the first post I usually just post a screenshot .
  4. Roma


    That's a screenshot of the first post that part is written in red (if that's what you meant). I wrote the quest to work with GE, it will buy balls of wool from the GE. If you don't like the fact that it won't collect the items for you, please move on. If you're looking for a 7QP script that isn't using GE you should check Man16's or Hashtag's script.
  5. Roma


    As it says in the topic: Let it buy the required items & make sure to read through the topic. Authed. Authed.
  6. Roma


    Authed. Authed.