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  1. wakewakaranai

    Wet Diaries

    Also if you do ever have a chance if you did get an all easy diary or medium done Id buy that
  2. wakewakaranai

    Wet Diaries

    Haha good luck man
  3. wakewakaranai

    Wet Diaries

    If I had accounts I would give haha. Just noticed it does get stuck at certain points in the Varrock diary(have not tested Ardy). It could not find the earth alter, had to manually click it. Same with the S.O.S it went down but had to manually climb back up. ^^
  4. wakewakaranai

    Wet Diaries

    Nice! Add more man
  5. Just noticed we have zero house favour scripts. Would be cool to see I think ^^
  6. Think it would be better. At moment mixing and killing with range (Iron arrows) only yields about 40k/hr at varrock. Compared to when I do wizards tower melee I average about 70-80k/hr with 70 combat stats ^^ The level 7s have the same drop table just a slightly lower drop rate and can kill a lot more in the same time ^^
  7. I was thinking of the tanner in the crafting guild would be really appealing
  8. I mean like from people using this script how many roughly would you say have reported back being banned? I wasnt asking for like exact numbers. Just reported numbers roughly from your user base..
  9. You select both ^^ it has to loot the bones to bury them.
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