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    1. That's nice but if I test the shopper it banks, and I know many others are using the script without this issue. So I would need you to give me your specific settings & logs to investigate your specific case.
    2. Okay, it's because Grimy irit is not Grimy irit, but Grimy irit leaf. Fix pushed.
    3. Hey, I don't see why Grimy irit specifically wouldn't be noted when everything else is? Are you sure it's never been noted across all your farm runs? As for the second thing, I suppose that's because spirit tree transportation doesn't include teleporting from Lumbridge to GE, a way around this for tree runs is to simply have the Varrock patch be the location you to go before the Gnome Stronghold one, that way it can walk from that patch to the tree.
    4. Could you tell me more about your issue? It is functioning correctly in many cases, but if you can provide your settings & logs I can look into it.
    5. There's a tab that lets you fully customize the prices, so there is an option. I just tested Catherby with no issues. If you can send a log file I can look into it. One reason you may get an error while everything seems fine from your perspective is if you select bottomless compost bucket without owning a filled one. Tested a catherby fruit tree run with pineapple saplings and had no issues. So your settings & logs would be appreciated.
    6. Are you sure it was trying to buy more saplings, could it have been missing something else? Could you provide the logs & settings so I can look into this further.
    7. The slave will offload when it runs out of coins (if conditions are met) but I will be adding an option to have it check the condition periodically.
    8. It does this because it's a lot faster than letting it happen automatically. If you'd like I can add a toggle.
    9. Hey, you can get an automated trial here https://sdn.dreambot.org/scripts?author=173327 If that doesn't convince you, then I can give you a longer trial afterwards
    10. This is the script you would run on the mule. You can then use Automation Tool to automatically request or offload items before or after running a script.
    11. That's intended. To make use of the script you must use either one of my scripts that supports muling (currently: Bun Shopper Pro, Bun Blast Furnace, Bun Tanner, Bun AIO Clockworks, Bun Thiever), or Automation Tool to bridge usage with any script.
    12. Having either one of those will boost your bars rate significantly.
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