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  1. Blackjacking will be supported soon, and it doesn't support Pyramid Plunder at the moment, but that may come a bit later.
  2. It currently does not, but I may look into adding support in the future.
  3. Version 1.3 Tweaked to favor planting crop before noting produce Added Wind Mouse algorithm option Added Ease Mouse algorithm option Added Brimhaven fruit tree patch support Added Brimhaven teletab transport method Added Hosidius teletab transport method Added Rimmington teletab transport method Added Taverly teletab transport method Added Yanille teletab transport method Compatibility with built-in break system Some other minor improvements Fixed bug where it does not purchase or bring protection items for: Sweetcorn, Strawberry, Watermelon, or Snape grass Fixed bug where it gets stuck trying to protect patches when protection is enabled on an Allotment/Flower/Herb runs Fixed bug where it gets stuck momentarily when moving the camera around for interaction using human mouse option
  4. Starting a farm? Or looking for a safe and effective thieving script? Look no further! Available for DB3, click here to purchase Features Robust Task System Want to train in one place for a few levels, then train somewhere else? Using the robust task system, you can start from level 3 and go straight to Master Farmers with the press of a button! Does Any NPC or Stall, Anywhere Includes several preset locations while supporting any custom location. Stall stealing supports banking items, dropping items when the inventory is full, or steal 1, drop 1 mode for maximum efficiency. Pickpocketing supports dodgy necklaces and automatically re-equips them when banking. Blackjacking will be supported soon™ Next-Generation Anti-Ban Enhanced by Chameleon, a next-level cloud based service designed to help you blend in while botting. It works by enhancing the script using data modeled after hours of human play, and ties-in with Enigma to gradually shift your profile over time to simulate external factors affecting behaviour. (This feature is not intended for mass/suicide farms) Enigma Anti-Pattern An advanced anti-pattern system that assigns you a randomized behaviour profile, and turns affected logic into a branch of possibilities that can occur in unpredictable sequences. Automated Muling With built-in muling support, it's easier than ever to sit-back, relax, and rake in the GP! Custom mule locations are supported. Built For DreamBot 3 Thanks to DreamBot 3's new features, you can now use resizable mode, and choose from one of the 3 new mouse algorithms added by this script to further distinguish your play Requirements Membership. If you're using food, have some in your inventory or bank. There's no cost to training to level 38 for Master Farmers as it doesn't require any food, it can suicide pickpocket Men/Women in Lumbridge before proceeding to Tea stalls in Varrock. GUI Task Presets Changelog React to this post by liking or upvoting and leave a reply for a 12 hour trial!
  5. Fixed both bugs in v1.3, in the meantime I suggest disabling protection for allotment runs and making do with Ultracompost if possible Added in v1.3 🙂
  6. Update v1.2 Added anti-pattern during farm runs Added Al Kharid cactus patch support Added Farming Guild bush patch support Added Farming Guild cactus patch support Added Farming Guild tree patch support Added Farming Guild fruit tree patch support Added Amulet of glory (Al Kharid) transport method Added Skills necklace (Farming Guild) transport method Added Spirit tree (Farming Guild) transport method
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