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    1. Well, it's been quite the while since I last logged onto runescape. I guess since now my script is broken, I will pull the plug for good.
    2. Sorry for late response, I'll check on that soon I will make sure to up the prices and fix that sheep shearer bug
    3. Hmm, are you turning on queue, running any skills, or not using the queue system for quests at all
    4. Don’t bot, play the game first
    5. Correlation ≠ Causation
    6. Yea, I thought it gave you invisibility until some pker killed me and told me to sit :((
    7. Fixed, will push for update later today
    8. You are paying for the ability to use more than 2 clients, not fooking invincibility
    9. I never understand anyone who encounters this error, how much gp is in your inventory and what specific quest so maybe I can try to replicate the problem
    10. Don’t buy specifically for covert mode, rather do it only if you want more than 2 clients. Perhaps it does something to ban rates but at the end of the day, you probably won’t notice a difference. Speaking from my own experience though
    11. To anyone wondering where the fuck are the updates, I've been fairly demotivated to bot and therefore, haven't touched this script in a while. But I am here to say I am going to return to botting therefore I will be pumping out bug fixes for a large portion of quests and if I feel extra happy with how my script is doing on my end, I'll rerelease all the member's quests which should total to around 62 quests.
    12. That still doesn't help me, I need to know what quests, are you using the quest queue system and what quest does it say it's doing on the log
    13. Unsure of the problems you are going through, probably won't be able to replicate it either unless you tell me in specifics. I have yet to bug fix because I cba to get on osrs rn but hopefully I'll get to it by the end of this week.
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