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    1. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      I'll test it out right now to see the problem, if there even is. Could you tell me which quest isn't working for you?
    2. hope u r very ok

    3. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      Could you tell me which doors it has trouble opening?
    4. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      Thanks for telling me, although I do doubt that you were banned by this script as you did say you were banned in less than an hour and honestly, that just points to other factors. Although of course it may have been this script in which case, big sorry, I'll fix the Cook's Assistant spaz thing but I will not be putting any "anti-ban" because I feel as if it is a waste of time as there are too many factors towards a ban that makes me think that anti ban for a quest script would make it even worse. Thanks for your input though
    5. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      I got a clear idea of both the bugs, thanks, I'll fix them hopefully by the end of today Hopefully fixed both of them with the next update, have a nice day
    6. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      Alright, thanks for telling me, I'll try to reproduce those two bugs and fix them by tomorrow if I do get the chance
    7. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      What a shame, who could have ever guessed that botting would end up in a ban?
    8. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      I'll probably get some done this week
    9. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      Are you pressing play on the gui, what quests are you doing and did you try clearing your cache
    10. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      I got exams this week so either next or the week after
    11. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      I couldn't replicate the problem that you were having but I just made a minor failsafe in case the cutscene isn't detected.
    12. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      Which quest are you talking about in particular
    13. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      That's an easy problem to fix, just never thought dyes would go that high in price so I just put take out 1000 gp or so, thanks for telling me
    14. wettofu

      Wet Quests

      Which quest fails to start?
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