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  1. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    Weird, because I just tried it and it works, can you add me on discord tofuu#2714, or pm me
  2. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    My script does not buy goblin mail, it only buys the dye
  3. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    Are we talking about the same script because this doesnt buy goblin mail at the ge
  4. Alright, what that if statement does is check whether you are in a dialogue or not, if that statement is false, it will then talk to the officer, because you're saying that if you are in dialogue then click the plank to move on but in actuality, you're no longer in a dialogue so that is no longer repeated. so just say that if officer is null then interact with the gangplank else, do everything else also do what lousy said, its just way easier than what you're trying to do
  5. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    You know what, I'll consider doing that, thanks! Edit: Done and dusted, next update it'll stop if script can't afford item.
  6. Well, you're saying that if the inventory is full and if the officer is there then interact with him, and since that will always return true, it will just repeat that one line. Instead you should put something like: if (getInventory.isFull() && officer !=null){ if (getDialogues.inDialogue){ do all dialogue here } else { officer.interact } }
  7. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    i have fixed that bug with opening though doors also regarding the buying of items, i will not change that, if you chose to do a quest with a gp requirement, you should have that gp requirement
  8. cute! you're cute!

  9. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    Probably not, I don't play or ever want to play as an Ironman
  10. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    In theory, I made it so you should still continue it if in the same spot.
  11. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    I dont know what you mean by pick up and already started, it should naturally continue
  12. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    Thats because its not out
  13. wettofu

    Wet Quests [VIP]

    Will fix, ty ty
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