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  1. It would be great to see a proggy! I'll look into the code to see what may be causing the idling.
  2. I am currently rewriting this one. I would say it would take 2 days max.
  3. yoo gains i got a question about the climbing boots buyer scriptt

    1. Gains


      Send me a PM

  4. I have a new version done for DB3 but we will have to wait until they release it.
  5. New rewritten version for DreamBot 3 (20th of September, 2020) Features: Fills Baskets with Bananas / Cooking apples / Oranges / Strawberries / Tomatoes. Fetches the current G.E. prices and calculates the profit for you. Supports prehovering. Supports QuickStart. P2P money making method. QuickStart: Write item name for the fruit you want to fill baskets with. Write either no or yes to use prehovering. Example: -params "Cooking apple" Yes Estimated profit per hour: Input 1,750 x Basket = 3,500 gp 8,750 x Banana = 813,750 gp Output 1,750 x Bananas(5) = 1,408,750 gp + 591,500 gp Input 1,750 x Basket = 3,500 gp 8,750 x Cooking apple = 822,500 gp Output 1,750 x Apples(5) = 1,233,750 gp + 407,750 gp Input 1,750 x Basket = 3,500 gp 8,750 x Orange = 638,750 gp Output 1,750 x Oranges(5) = 1,022,000 gp + 379,750 gp Input 1,750 x Basket = 3,500 gp 8,750 x Tomato = 472,500 gp Output 1,750 x Tomatoes(5) = 847,000 gp + 371,000 gp Input 1,750 x Basket = 3,500 gp 8,750 x Strawberry = 1,793,750 gp Output 1,750 x Strawberries(5) = 1,666,000 gp + 124,250 gp Instructions: Start next to a bank. Have Baskets in bank. Have Bananas / Cooking apples / Oranges / Strawberries / Tomatoes in bank. Do not set bank placeholders for items used in this method. Have Accept Aid off. Gallery: (watch the video in fullscreen so you can actually see something) Other: Feel free to give the script a rating on the store. You may also post a proggy to the thread. If you have any suggestions regarding the script, please let me know. No trials for this script because it would ruin the profits for paid customers.
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