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    1. Instructions: Have Dwarf multicannon in the inventory. Have Cannonballs in the inventory. If you choose to alch, have Staff of fire equipped. If you choose to alch, have Nature runes in the inventory. Let the script place the cannon, don't do it by yourself. The bot logs out if you don't have cannonballs in your inventory or if you have placed the cannon by yourself.
    2. Contact the admins, they handle issues related to payments.
    3. I'm planning on adding muling support to my scripts at some point but not very soon
    4. Yes I'll add Karambwans at some point. Where would you like to bank when fishing at the Karambwan location?
    5. Click the upper right corner of the paint. For some reason it now fails to load the image.
    6. Just tried the script and it's working. Did it walk next to the altar and rotate the camera?
    7. Ruby dragon bolts seem to be https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Calculator:Magic/Enchant_bolts
    8. I can add more spots. What NPCs are in Yanille?
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