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  1. if you can make these or have some availble please pm, they do not need to have full anglers
  2. bump ill give ya a deal if you order today or tomorrow
  3. this is a great suicide script it can run up to 18hours is my longest. great to get a initial cash stack.
  4. not offering 7 qp atm, need custom farm pm me Eaze#6846
  5. It dosent work if you start it with the combat/fishing option in lumbridge center with required items. Tried it aswell
  6. creamwallace


    upvoted, would like a trial please. thanks in advance Roma
  7. Deal's on Tutorial accs right now. let me know
  8. 7qp in progress. Should be couple days. Bump
  9. Bump limited stock-No 7qp atm. Message for tutorial availability or if you need something handmade .
  10. If you want a custom farm just let me know! Bump
  11. i think it did (was awhile ago) but the rates brought it down to not being worth it. wont say forsure but i believe i tried it.
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