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    1. mexxxy

      [FREE] GE Alcher

      Buy stuff from GE then alch it for profit and 75k exp/h. Very good for F2P mage training. Start at GE with any fire staff equipped and coins in inventory (the script will not use the bank). When it runs out of nature it will purchase more from GE for 25% of your cash stack. Profit is calculated from the values you entered in the GUI so it might not necessarily be accurate. I suggest setting price so item can buy quickly or else it will wait for a bit in GE (and lose exp). You can find some here https://alchmate.com/ Credits to @Articron for GUI, @LostVirt for TBL and @holic for WindMouse
    2. Thanks alot for the quick fixes its appreciated! Glad I could help a little bit
    3. Is this framework still up to date with current API? Trying to use it and I noticed that both these import arent available anymore org.dreambot.framework.Branch; org.dreambot.framework.Tree; seem to have been replaced with org.dreambot.api.script.frameworks.treebranch.TreeScript; but the Main.java actually extends AbstractScript ???
    4. This is actually the only thing missing compared to other bots they all have a discord server
    5. Hi, Im trying to use the webwalker with fairy rings and I've tried every method to force it but it still wont work. Is that because Fairy Tales Part 2 is a requirement for the nodes? If so is there a way to change it, cause the completion of the quest is not necessary for the use of the fairy rings. Also when I try using FairyRings.openTravelInterface() the bot can't seem to right click the ring. Thanks alot.
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