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  1. Hey man, correct me if im wrong but i'm almost positive when I bought it, that there was no monthly fee. Plus I don't buy monthly scripts...Unless im wrong, will people like me have to start paying the monthly fee also?
  2. I was having a similar problem with bans, if you're down, maybe we could discuss the settings we both used and share tips. I will PM you.
  3. So do I type what he had posted in cmd line or just -userhome Anyname??
  4. Yea I ended up figuring out that was the problem after checking the debug console and seeing it say running low on gp so stop script. But for someone who doesn't know how to do all that, your post is priceless. Thanks for taking the time to post the information! Edit: That applies to both AsBakedAsCake and Hashtag. Only saw Cake's before replying.
  5. Hey man, love this script. Used it to get 60/60/60 on my now banned main. One AMAZING feature you should add if its not too hard is looting for Red spiders eggs and moss giants.
  6. Is there any way to make an option to trade the slave more than just 1 inv full of hides at a time, than have the mule logout until the slave is done tanning all hides, which the mule will then login to grab the hides from the slave and give more hides and loot. For example, have the mule give the slave about 500-1000 hides to be tanned along with the money needed, then have the mule logout until the slave has tanned all hides, then log back in to grab the tanned hides from the slave, give another 500-1000 untanned hides to the slave and repeat. I've had the worst luck with mules that stay logged in.... Nevermind, That is how it works. For anybody who wants to know.
  7. Does the Mule log out after a trade until the next specified trade? I want my mule to be able to login every specified time it needs to collect from a slave, then logout. (Unless more than 1 slave ends up needing to be muled at same time, in that case i'd like it to login, collect from both/all mules THAN logout until next collection time.
  8. Would also like to know if/when itll be working again. Might be interested in druid accounts after its fixed.
  9. Still V 2.0 (Version in pics on original post) right? Also, when adding params would you list it like:"1st param" "2nd param", etc. Or without the Quotes like:1stparam 2nd param etc.? Also, can it use a local script? What if that local script doesn't have any parameters, Or that I don't know of?
  10. I'm not sure if this is the same problem as people before me are having, but last night i added this to my scripts, set up my accounts like normal overnight. Then in the morning when I exited dreambot, then restarted my computer, and opened it again to run an account, none of my accounts i had saved are there anymore. I don't know what to do.
  11. No big deal man, I posted Monday asking for the trial, than ended up saying screw it lol. The looting problem seems to have been a one time glitch, so far at least. Than with the deathwalking, it seemed what happened was for some reason it didn't eat to heal me so I died, than was just sitting there (didnt deathwalk at all). Another problem i've run into is with it not withdrawing range potions. I have been able to overcome it by starting with my potions and food already in my inv so it doesnt have to bank to get them. A lot of the problems seem like they have to do with when selecting to only kill Xil, which i'd like the option to do, just cant atm because when i did select only that option and ran it for the first time is when it died and I don't want to chance it you know? Just got banned so won't be able to give any feedback. It's a well working script, but a couple times i had came back to it to find that it hadn't re equipped my ammo and was just trying to continue like it had ammo, which is most likely why I got banned. Only script I used on the account.
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