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    1. I removed all of my scripts from the SDN for the time being. Very busy IRL, so rewriting an entire script along with testing is a pretty big ask. I'd like to find the time to rewrite everything, but it's probably not feasible right now.
    2. Yeah sorry about that guys. Didn't realize it was still visible. I'm sure it caused some confusion
    3. Minnow fishers typically ignore randoms unless they're genies. Was mimicking that until somebody complained
    4. I need more information other than "this is junk". What's wrong with it? I want to help and resolve any issues that arise with it
    5. Could you read the debug console and post back the error it's reporting? (Tools -> Open console) Apologies for the late reply. Discord is the best way to reach me.
    6. I sincerely doubt that the exact tile that you stood on has anything to do with the ban. I believe they're cracking down on trawler bots in light of reworking the trawler minigame to be more interactive.
    7. There is an option to stop after getting the angler outfit, yes
    8. Should be fixed when the scripts gets updated on the SDN. Was an error in the porting process. Let me know if that fixes it
    9. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. Just now seeing this. Can you elaborate on some of the issues? Porting to DB3 unveiled some things that might've been looked over. I'd love if either of you would reach out to me on discord and we work to solve the issues. Thanks
    10. 6:55:45: [WARN] Xephy's Wyvern Slayer had a problem starting.

    11. Submitted DB3 port + price api fixes should be working now
    12. Submitted DB3 port + price api fixes + entity fixes
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