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  1. @factivo Are you sure you didn't enable the VIP on another dreambot account? Just asking as there are accounts with similar names ( @factivo , @factivox , and @factivox666 ) I have seen people make this mistake before. (I believe having multiple accounts is against the rules, but I could be wrong. Though if done unintentionally it may be handled differently 😛 ) (upon looking at the accounts they're not VIP, but the question still stands 😛)
  2. @Koschei Has a Discord where you can buy Tut accounts If you go to his profile you should be able to find the thread 😛
  3. General list of possible fixes: Delete jagexcache ("C://Users/(you)/jagexcache" <- delete folder) Enable QuickStart in the DBLauncher under the settings tab Ensure Game windows is set correctly as well as default camera If those don't work then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ GL tho 😛
  4. depwession


    responding to post from 2017 😶
  5. I agree, though I feel the problem is figuring out what people would actually use as even with current ones they're not used frequently (that I'm aware of). Thonking is a great example though, I would probably use it. I can think of a lot of emotes I would like to have, though in this environment they'd never be used, or at least in a positive/neutral way. Hope mods can figure something out 😛
  6. depwession


    Hey congrats! Glad you're trying to give back to the community , I wish you luck and welcome 😛
  7. The last time I had problems with widgets it was because I didn't put the null check before the isVisible, so you could try that 😛 besides that Idk how to work around it but gl
  8. No matter if they can or can't you should never bot on an account you don't expect to get banned 😛
  9. depwession

    Noob help

    Well if not something in the video only other thing I can think of is are you refreshing the scripts menu? sometimes its the small things. If so and it's still not working, I'll have to leave it to more experienced people as I don't know what else could be the problem 😕 GL though
  10. depwession

    Noob help

    Odd's are this is the problem (if it doesn't start at 1:53 then skip to it)
  11. 1) that voice 😍 2) the video on Nodes was super easy to comprehend and I thank you for that 3)
  12. depwession

    Login Issue

    @NovaGTX Alright, there are a handful of different things I've yet to look into in this. Your explanation helped me get an understanding of State and the few parts I don't get are because I've yet to play with them. I've never used widgets, State, or parseInt though I had a feeling it would be easier if I learned to use them. I'm gonna look into and try to get an understanding on how/when to use all these and if I struggle on something I might slide in your DM's with some questions. Thank you immensely for all this information though, i really appreciate it!
  13. depwession

    Login Issue

    I added the check and I'll definitely be in touch when I get stuck or don't quite understand something
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