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  1. besides doing a state/node setup i'd add a sleep method for less static sleep times and also not having to type Calculations.random every 5 seconds i.e.
  2. been waiting on this for too long smh my head luv u dad
  3. you can create/use a mule account (bots -> mule -> members)
  4. depwession

    Hi There

    damn where the hell you at where bars go for 20 that's a damn shame not that i would know anything about the street value of pharmaceuticals of course
  5. Have you tried deleting your jagexcache?
  6. try "aggressive breakup sex" and tell her it wasn't rp after
  7. depwession

    It really do

    i think i agree
  8. 3 days until I remove this thread and trash all the accounts! Get them while you still can!
  9. As @Defiledsaid, yes. My current stock is the last I will be making because, though little, the time it takes would be spent better in other projects. This is a limited time offer and once I am out there will be no more. And if it takes more than a week or 2 to sell I will just remove the thread and be done with it.
  10. I call BS. yeeter wouldn't leave the forums for any reason and I think we all know that. It's epstein all over again..
  11. ✨Going Out of Business Sale✨ 7QP (Quest Point) Accounts! (US Accounts!) 200k/per Trusted -> ✅ Reliable -> ✅ Attractive -> ✅ Above Average Cock Size -> ✅ Current Stock: 0 Accepted Payment Methods: OSRS GP BTC @ .50/m Pro Tip: Register an Email Address to Each Account to Counteract Locks ToS: All sales are final. There will be no replacements due to the fact there is no way to prove who got the account locked/banned (unless instructed by a moderator). Best Method of Contact is Discord -> depwession#0001
  12. who are you again? also good riddance
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