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    1. you should slow the text just a bit. its almost to fast to simulate human reactions.
    2. also what account do u need cause plagued city gets stuck as well idk if it was reported. i cant member when it gets stuck but i think its in a house and its trying to talk to someone but dosent do anything. pm i might beable to give u account to fix two quests.
    3. are u gonna add support for the lamp from x marks the spot and client of kousand?
    4. just a heads up. F2P mode is selected but on knights sword it tries to go to members world.
    5. no worries man. just to anyone that wants to get the script working which works really fine for me is u need to accept the tos before u hit start
    6. its still working i check alot of accounts with this script. i love it alot! question tho. well first u still have to accept tos before starting script or it wont login and i was wondering if on the ui before the script starts if it could be added to turn on certain settings like maybe shift to drop?
    7. is death handling gonna be added to the script?
    8. anyone able to get past 60 60 60 on accounts? i can train to 60 60 60 but anything after that and it looks like a ban is gonna happen. im training f2p also
    9. Ive actually had really good luck with this script. i use proxies and what ive learn is bot less break more. ive trained over 15 accounts with this script and go into locations to train where others generally dont go like dungeons. I had one account that lasted almost 2 weeks in edgeville dungeon at the giants and gotten to like 70 70 70 with it.
    10. yes next time the issue happens again with the random box far away i will pm u my log file.
    11. no i mean switching from attack strength and defence. when it reaches the certain level it dosnt switch to level the next goal and switching with the button dosnt do anything. it just says "queeing next task" or w.e runs to the bank and then runs back to fighting spot and continues with say defence and dosnt switch to attack. As for the other issue i dont know if its selecting the next target thats out of frame but like it will try to attack a target far away out of the circle i think it has to do with loggin out and logging back in and not resetting the target tile. if i get a chance of it happening ill show u. but like it will attack mobs in the circle then for some reason it will have a square target far away and try to attack it and click on it and try to turn camera to attack the green square but the square is no where near the circle. The red circle is the second issue. the red circle is where the random green square would be and it tries to click on the red circle (which is green square).
    12. so your switch combat stance dosnt really work. u click it and it says it will que up the change but it dosnt change. Also sometimes when fighting stuff it will make a target box very far away from the space its supposed to fight in and try to click on the square then click back into the area its trying to fight in and just spazzes out trying to click on the target tile.
    13. so what it is, is the tos window that pops up. i just ran it last night and had no issues. if u need to repulcate the error i can try to do it but im sure it was the new tos window. love ur script tho! saves me alot of time and makes selling accounts easier!!!
    14. scripts throwing errors up after last dream bot update and cant get the script to check more then 1 account at a time.
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