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    1. i want to make custom parameters in quickstart and make use of them by like Run-Time Type Information. for example , if param 1 is set as patternA, a script attacks monsterA, and if param 1 is set as patternB, the script attacks monsterB. in short, i want to run the same script differently depending on quickstart parameters, so that i dont have to make many simular scripts. if it is possible, plz show me some exaple codes. thanks in advance.
    2. 15 python accouts remained completely healthy, and what happened to other 15 accounts ? and how u used these other 15 accounts ?
    3. quote;; Don't run on a VM (this will really get you banned but most people don't use VMs so it's #3) ________ is it true? all my bots are on VM. because otherwise, bots are not working well. but if that is true, i have to consider botting without vms.
    4. and i have to add , not only after that full-inventory message, but after level-up-message it happens in same manner. just it tries to hop again and again endlessly.
    5. if you set world hopping option ON.. hop is done automatically after X minutes. if script tries to hop JUST WHEN the message "your inventory is too full to hold any more pay-dirt", osrs client cant hop unless you click " click here to continue " or just walk a little bit. its not bug ,, its just the OSRS's normal way. so i said "you can fix this easily by walking a bit after certain times of trying of hop. " the chance is low but if world hop happens at the timing, you will be banned 100% because it keeps try to hop endlessly.
    6. thanks for making good script of this. i started using this script again recently and noticed one problem. MLM problem: when "your inventory is too full to carry more ore..." message is on, and if u try to hop , it fails and tries again and again to hop. it might result in undesirable results. you can fix this easily by walking a bit after certain times of hop error. request: it might be a bit complex but i hope this: not trying to mine where someone else's is already mining.
    7. i have bots accounts 20+ and they run same script. they got no ban until today for more than 2 months. but one acc got banned after reached level 95. is it possible that high level itself (related to bot action) triggers additional surveillance for bot activity and results in getting banned?
    8. how much attack/strength/defense needed? can i run this script smoothly with like attack 50/ str 50 /def 45 ? if not, lmk how much level at least needed. i dont need exact number . just want to know approximate number of level.
    9. can you modify script so that not hopping to world 319 which requires QP 20 and 300 skill etc... script loops endlessly trying to hop to the world the character cannot join. or stops at some time ? i dont know for sure.
    10. its sad news but it seems surveillance eye on MLM has come finally as of yesterday. beware all MLM miners!
    11. is this script still safe to use for 3-4 hours /day? in my experience, jagex has tighter surveillance eyes towards tanner and blast furnace activities after April update.
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