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    I have been doing a lot of research for about 3 months to ensure that my accounts are not banned. I came to the conclusion that "jagex" can detect Dreambot even without a script. I manually clicked an "island tutorial" on the dreambot and then it was banned. (I tried many times to make sure) and then I did it on RunLite and the main OSRS client. Those two accounts remained intact so I know DREAMBOT is identifiable. I just have one question, is "COVERT MOD" to cover this up? Because I did not use it. Please share your experiences with me as much as possible

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    yea thats pretty known knowledge that jagex can see what client your on. This is why there was a big thing with a osrs HD client a few years back that jagex's detection mistook for a bot client. 

    As for your mirror mode question im not too sure if it directly fixes that type of client detection or not but i do know it helps.

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    Jagex can tell you are using a 3rd party client.  This has been a thing forever.  What they can not tell is if that client is a bot client.

    The mass creation of readily available bot accounts is one of Jagex's biggest biggest problems when it comes to fighting botting.   The harder it is to obtain large supplies of accounts the harder it is to create and run large scale bot farms and it helps keep newer small scale guys from starting up effective farms.  

    Jagex as of the last few months has been actively fighting against account creators.  Implementing imperva, better automation detection for their account registration, AND what you just explained tutorial islands ban rate being increased dramatically.


    That being said tho many account shops are still running but don't expect them to openly hand you the solution to avoid these bans since that would mean your a competitor in the market ;)


    Good luck and have fun!


    As for what covert mode does specifically that's a question for the devs but chances are it won't fix this specific issue you are running into.  

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    Is there any information as to how they can detect this? Even at a 1000 foot view do they read their own byte code? detect the Frame that they're being hosted in? 


    Even if we don't actually know which way they do it-- i'm curious if there's any resources on what you *could* do to detect the botting clients.

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    In a previous form post I had mentioned I solved the problem of getting banned earlier. However, I was in the middle of switching clients.


    Switching to DB over what i'll just call OtherBot(as to not advertise), I went through like 3 accounts in one day getting banned fast(ALL this testing is without using a single script on the account. Played with my own human hands). I didn't immediately blame DB, but then went back and did the same procedure I usuallly did with OtherBot and found that it still worked.


    However, I then tried DB with covert mode, and I am just as good as it was with otherbot.



    This testing was all done with DB 3.4.9



    OtherBot(Free) = fine

    DB(free, 3.4.9)= fast ban

    DB(covert, 3.4.9) = fine


    No testing done on 3.5.0


    Still staying with DB in covert mode. Left OtherBot for a good reason. #notsponsored

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