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    1. Dreambot need Client Hider like this: @Pandemic @Hashtag plz fix fast ban developer read this topic
    2. @yeeter01 i khnow jagex just ban Dreambot i use (os..., rspe**r , Trib*t and more) i just get ban in dream bot i hope developers fix it fast
    3. I have a problem like you too. Even if you do the robot manually, you will be banned after 20 minutes. This was a surprise to me too, but it happened. If you use other clients, you will not be banned. I'm sure they will easily detect Dreambot recently, and I'll ask developers for help with this. i hope its fix
    4. I have been doing a lot of research for about 3 months to ensure that my accounts are not banned. I came to the conclusion that "jagex" can detect Dreambot even without a script. I manually clicked an "island tutorial" on the dreambot and then it was banned. (I tried many times to make sure) and then I did it on RunLite and the main OSRS client. Those two accounts remained intact so I know DREAMBOT is identifiable. I just have one question, is "COVERT MOD" to cover this up? Because I did not use it. Please share your experiences with me as much as possible
    5. i wanna just run 24 hours botting without ban . jug filler or woodcut or cowhide collector or potato picker . plz help me some script writer . and one question. Does the Covert mod have less of an impact on the ban? Or is it just for marketing?
    6. one question. Does the Covert mod have less of an impact on the ban? Or is it just for marketing?
    7. Is the "dreambot" client secure? Is the script more important or the client? Are there more bans for clients or scripts?
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