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    1. So what's your point lol? Try to go around and get me banned from as many places as possible because you bought a cracked account when you were asking for the account in the discord of people who sell cracks? I mean this with as much respect as I can give you but this is really just sad lol, that your still upset over this. This is the only account I have posted on here, it is not cracked. I can provide OO who is trusted in the community. Aside from that all my posts are random posts on other sellers threads or scripts. You have had multiple people come to me and try to scam me for t
    2. You told sythe staff it was dealt with and grinch never provided proper evidence. I just got done explaining this to my discord so heres my statement ripped from there. " Sorry i just got to my computer lol. Im not hiding either of the reports as both people paid me and both people recieved working accounts that they both logged into after sale. https://www.sythe.org/threads/etrafs-scammed-me/ This is pixxels report of me as you can see he closed it saying everything was good later, guy acted super weird and after having the thread closed he had multiple alts & friends contact me tr
    3. still refuse to believe anyone offering 1500+ accounts does them by hand at 55k each lol
    4. yea thats pretty known knowledge that jagex can see what client your on. This is why there was a big thing with a osrs HD client a few years back that jagex's detection mistook for a bot client. As for your mirror mode question im not too sure if it directly fixes that type of client detection or not but i do know it helps.
    5. Dynamic IP's are useful yes but to my knowledge and experience they dont compare to quality proxys. Incognito does nothing to mask the IP and does not change anything on jagex's end from my experience. To my knowledge this will also do nothing. Still the same IP. And I'm 99% sure system hardware and such is not part of jagexs detection. My point was System users & incognito mode are not going to affect this just letting you know. I understand where your coming from, just shows how new to botting you are. No hate man just give it a few months and I guar
    6. @Pandemic @Hashtag My discord post got deleted in 2 days but yall gon let this happen
    7. A VPN is going to get your account killed faster then your home IP. Buy some proxys and read more into botting. As for your question, jagex is heavily focusing on tutorial island and early game accounts. Right now it seems like if you play on a account thats below ~200 total on any bot client youll get banned immediately. I've tested multiple methods & parameters and have found a way around these bans. Do some testing of your own as i can almost guarantee no ones going to give you a definitive answer as to why and how to avoid right now.
    8. hmu with your discord im fairly new to coding but this sounds simple enough so i could give it a shot
    9. Im selling this 70 agility hcim with banked marks for 40m 07 or $20 via BTC Add me on discord to purchase EtraFS - Buy my accounts mane#0965 (818688437121056821)
    10. https://gyazo.com/95d3a266152f14a75a14dd35ee732ea5 Running nex barrows and the account never goes on break. Probably just dumb but idk why it wont break.
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