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    1. Bug report! I got stuck on TALK_TO_AERECK . just stood still in the church, aereck was well in reach. dreambot 3.5.3
    2. I amend my previous statement about solving the insta ban problem described here. I had to upgrade to covert to get the same results i was getting with the solution i described earlier with another bot client i don't like. This post has details
    3. In a previous form post I had mentioned I solved the problem of getting banned earlier. However, I was in the middle of switching clients. Switching to DB over what i'll just call OtherBot(as to not advertise), I went through like 3 accounts in one day getting banned fast(ALL this testing is without using a single script on the account. Played with my own human hands). I didn't immediately blame DB, but then went back and did the same procedure I usuallly did with OtherBot and found that it still worked. However, I then tried DB with covert mode, and I am just as good a
    4. Is there any information as to how they can detect this? Even at a 1000 foot view do they read their own byte code? detect the Frame that they're being hosted in? Even if we don't actually know which way they do it-- i'm curious if there's any resources on what you *could* do to detect the botting clients.
    5. My motive in here is I actually want to know if this simplified method works for somebody else, information gain will let me know which one of my crazy things works don't count me out as naive quite yet. Helps me narrow down what I did right. But Seriously OP(edit: or anybody else having the same problem for that matter) for science let me know if this solves the problem you actually asked about without having to spend any money whatsoever.
    6. okay now, maybe i went a bit overboard. Your solution likely works given your reputation. However, I did propose a solution that works for me that doesn't involve buying accounts from people. So consider this me trying to add to the community's knowledge. If you have a solution that isn't monetary as well and willing to share i think that would really help people entering the bot scene be successful without having to trust a merchant!
    7. challenge half accepted. I also solved this issue, but I'm willing to divulge partial details that may work for you. I do it in a bit more fancy way 1. For a lot of ISP's you can change your IP by changing the mac adress on your router 2. make the account in incognito mode in firefox or chome 3. (key for me, but how i did it is different and more comprehensive than this or even a VM, the above alone didn't do it for me) Make a new user on your machine, and try again with that new user. Let us know how that goes. The problem i have with this answer is--- how d
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