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    1. Cut logs into planks for profit Supports : Logs Oak logs Teak logs Mahogany logs
    2. Enter the item names inside the text fields. Leave first text field empty for Pestle and mortar (Item quantities will update automatically) Supports all items in the game **Widget index** Widget index is the number below the desired item QuickStart parameters -params "script name" "path to saved settings file" -params "Zodiac Item Mixing" "C:/ Users / {User} / {Saved file location } / ItemMixingSettings.json"
    3. Supports all hides . Muling support coming soon
    4. I can actually do this without releasing the source But that's a spoiler of things I want to release later.
    5. ouch. When it specifically comes to machine learning on these mouse algorithms, this is the sort of thing I do for a job in real life for a better part of a decade. I also have a robotics background I apply to this. I can't really talk to peers in my career because they don't exactly approve of using this sort of technology to cheat at a game. So it is kinda lonely keeping this between me and hosfad, as I really am proud of it. On the other hand, we may find another way to monetize this in the future. I will concede those guys have been scripting longer! i think sub and hashtag would rather work on their own projects instead I'll leave you a breadcrumb or two. Warning the literature can be a bit verbose. A starting place to learn: https://cs.gmu.edu/~sean/book/metaheuristics/ (it's free!) A starter example of an actually serious implementation on mouse detection: https://arxiv.org/abs/2005.00890 None of this amateur stuff . One must understand the enemy to beat it. If you think you have something to contribute to us, depending on the value, maybe we can exchange a little tit for tat.
    6. For my own local script (thank goodness nothing i will publish!) has typed its own username and password in public chat. The code i'm running looks like this: if (!Client.isLoggedIn()) { LoginUtility.login(); } But it would appear that either something changes between when that boolean is checked and when it logs in, or it's returning something incorrectly. Could we have the Login Utility double check before typing "enter" to double check it's not logged in?
    7. @GingerBread I just wanted to let you know this is still high priority! We haven't forgotten about this.
    8. All in one Fire making script. Supports all log types. Supports a variety of locations.
    9. That is unexpected behavior. I'll take a look!
    10. Which one? I'd like to fix that!
    11. Yes it can! it should start in most places, but the bank nearest is recommended. Let us know if something isn't working!
    12. I've got a fix for this already, just need approval from dev team! They would have had it earlier, but i submitted a version with a compile error! oops
    13. Can both of you confirm: 1. you have the right elemental staff (water staff in both of your cases) 2. you have at least 27 of the respective jewelry in bank 3. make sure it's not just enchanting slowly. this doesn't enchant once per click, it clicks and lets the animation proceed, osrs by default this process is slow.
    14. Hello @rogthaibai , i just fixed this and uploaded it to the SDN , it should take 12-24h for staff approval , thank you for reporting. Im really glad you like the mouse algorithm
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