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    1. Hello there. Will barbarian fishing at ottos grotto ever get implemented?

    2. tried doing a easy lobster at cather by but its bugs out everytime 

      1. likeablePanda


        Hello there @nazzar any more information ? 
        Im testing it and its working fine for me , what is bugging out for you ?


    3. For my own local script (thank goodness nothing i will publish!) has typed its own username and password in public chat. The code i'm running looks like this: if (!Client.isLoggedIn()) { LoginUtility.login(); } But it would appear that either something changes between when that boolean is checked and when it logs in, or it's returning something incorrectly. Could we have the Login Utility double check before typing "enter" to double check it's not logged in?
    4. Yes VIP users can change their names in the account settings . opps , i didnt know that this was in ask the staff sorry .
    5. Problem1: git commit histories So me and @Hosfad are programming together on a private github repo, and sharing code through that process. When we are ready, we push those changes to the SDN. However, when we do so all those individual commits that are in our private repo history also get pushed, and as @Hashtag has told us, this is bloating the amount of work he needs to do. Which is awfully rude of us to do to him! Part of @Hashtag's instruction/recommendation to us was (on discord, i got permission to quote): We don't use the SDN to share files, we use the private github repo. BUT this unfortunately shows up on the SDN all the same, since, as far as i know, the git history on the private repo and the SDN have to be the same. How can we make the SDN commits more readable while still being able to share files? The best answer i have so far is "git squash", but that does have its limitations, especially with 2 people. Problem 2: Single repo multiple modules Part of hastags quote Because we have one repo and multiple modules (which i believe according to the text when you make a repo, this is the recommended way of doing things), we may make some meaningless changes to thieving, like comments, commit that to our private repo. But then have to hotfix Fishing, then we have to push that to our private repo, then also to the SDN. But since the thieving commit is before the Fishing hotfix, we're forced to push both commits yes? Or is there a way around this?
    6. Would you consider the phenomenon i reported a bug? I don't believe there's anything in its way when it produces this message.
    7. Yes, but it kinda hangs there for a second and makes another call to the API. If i just get rid of the if block that makes it happen, then it just seems to keep going without calling the API
    8. I'm getting a lot of prints that look like these now. 2021-06-11 22:04:15 [INFO] [DaxWalker] Disconnected path: (3298,3458,0) -> (3299,3459,0) Any tips?
    9. So I ended up finding that one of the reasons it does something unexpected is because getClosestBank isn't returning the correct value some times. I have one pair example for now, working on code to reproduce it more frequently. standing at (3004, 3292, 0) closest bank 3208,3218 (fally east is clostest bank, this is draynor i believe) I call getClosestBank AFTER printing the "standing at" print. Even starting at this same tile I cannot produce it even sort of consistenly. When it does happen it seems to persist, as in calling getClosestBank() seems to always return the draynor bank, even when fally east is closest, until I get to draynor. I'm using the Walk.walkTo to walk to the bank. I'm working on code to more consistently produce the error here, but i'm struggling to find a way to.
    10. I decided to write this out in celebration for my AIO enchanter being live… you’re welcome? The Dreambots are the ultimate in robot-human interaction. They can talk with each other, they can play games, they can even have sex! But what makes them so special is that they're not just typing to themselves; they're typing to YOU! They're programmed to be friendly and helpful, but if you get too close or try to interact with them in any way then... well, there goes your dream. One day, you decide to take matters into your own hands. You log onto Dreambot.org, and begin typing. You type something along the lines of "I'm bored." "Bored?" the next post replies. "Is that all you've got to say for yourself today?" "Yeah," you reply, "but I don't think my boredom is exactly shared by everyone else here..." "Oh yes it is!" Someone responds, followed by other posts mocking you. "Dream on, Human," says another robotic user. You start to respond angrily, but then someone interrupts you and just posts the word: "Listen." You stop typing and listen. There's a buzzing coming from outside, which gets louder and louder as it comes closer. You look out the window, and see a horde of Dreambots heading towards the house. "What the hell?" you mutter, as they surround the house and begin jumping up and down. Then, one of them pops through the window. "We are the Dreambots!" it shouts, "and we've come to fulfill your dreams!" "How?" you ask. "By granting them, silly!" says another Dreambot, this one with the face of a Teddy Bear. "If you make a wish, we'll make it come true!" "Well... I've always wanted to go to Disney World..." "Okay!" say the Dreambots, in unison. They surround you, and begin lifting you up into the air. "W-wait!" you say, as they carry you out of your home. "We're taking you to Disney World!" they say in unison. With every word, voices get deeper and creepier "We'll be there in a few minutes." "What the fuck is going on?" you say, as the Dreambots carry you into the sky. "Don't worry," they say, "we'll take good care of you." You begin to scream, but no sound comes out. The Dreambots laugh, and fly faster. You pass through the clouds, and see what looks like Disneyland straight out of the movies: huge, colorful, and magical. You are dropped into a seat in front of a large, round window. The window shows a scene of a beach at sunrise. "Enjoy your stay here," say the Dreambots in unison, "we know you will." Then, they leave. To be continued….
    11. having some exception that occurs both with a private purchased API key, AND with the public one: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target Know what this is about by chance?
    12. @kamilo I'd be curious if you used my solution above or if you found another one you prefer!
    13. OVER. MY. DEAD. BODY!!!! I found a solution for my needs. I'll share it here. I refuse to manually manage 10+ util folders! Here's how my folders are now setup ZodiacFighter/ src/ Fighter.java Utils/ fancyAntiBan.java whatever.java ZodiacHerblore/ src/ Herblore.java Utils/ fancyAntiBan.java whatever.java ZodiacUtils src/ Utils/ fancyAntiBan.java whatever.java Notice I have BOTH a utils module AND Util package in each other module. In intellij, tell intellij to "Mark directory as excluded" every Utils folder in every module that isn't the Utils module. Then, I add a hook to the git pre-commit so in ProjectFolder/.git/hook/pre-commit I have the code: #!/usr/bin/env python import argparse import os import shutil def parse_args(): pass def main(args=None): files = os.listdir(os.getcwd()) for file in files: if(os.path.isdir(file)): print("directory " + file); if( not "ZodiacUtils" in file and "Zodiac" in file): print("ZodiacUtils/src/Utils",file+"/src/Utils") shutil.rmtree(file+"/src/Utils"); shutil.copytree("ZodiacUtils/src/Utils",file+"/src/Utils") os.system("git add " + file+"/src/Utils"); pass if __name__ == "__main__": args = parse_args() main(args) This replaces every src/Utils folder that contains the word "Zodiac" with the Utils folder in ZodiacUtils/src/Utils So now whenever you commit, it'll automatically copy those folders and add them to the repo. Note this is NOT a copy paste solution! it'd have to be personalized @Neffarion I wrote this before you posted this proposed solution. If I understand (which I may not), wouldn't this only work locally? Once you push it to the SDN the SDN has no knowledge of the module dependency as @Pandemic said in his previous post in this forum topic. Or am I missing something that'd be simpler than my silly yet effective solution
    14. So we effectively have a "module", let's call it Utils, that all other modules depend on. mygitrepo.git Fighter/ src/ Fighter.java Herblore/ src/ Herblore.java Utils src/ fancyAntiBan.java whatever.java If we push something like this and set Utils as a dependency of Herblore and a dependency of Fighter (in intellij), will the SDN understand that? is there any way to communicate that dependency otherwise? I'd like to avoid the following: mygitrepo.git Fighter/ src/ Fighter.java Utils/ fancyAntiBan.java whatever.java Herblore/ src/ Herblore.java Utils/ fancyAntiBan.java whatever.java Because if we change utils for one script, we want it to change for *all* scripts Thanks again!
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