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    Thought I would make this post encase people question what happened to me.

    TLDR:  Helping people for free takes a lot of spare time that I should be spending making money to fund my company or working on my product.  I am no longer growing knowledge wise, community wise, or business wise.  I have stagnated and need to move on.


    So yeah I asked @Hashtag to ban my account, I DID NOT break any forum rules or scam anyone.


    I am currently working on starting another company.  After scaling my last one down due to lack of growth this new one has seen a lot of interest so far and I now am paying people to help me work on it. 

    I have offered help, and written many guides on Dreambot and other bot forums over the last couple of years because it was something I enjoyed to do!  When random skids would enter my DMs asking questions I enjoyed teaching them even tho 98.5% of them never got past a simple tree cutter script.  The few that did make it further into scripting / botting it was amazing to watch them grow and the succeed.  Overall being part of this forum has been a blast.  During this time I justified all of the free help and time I invested as giving back to the community in a since funded by my private scripting.  That source of income has dried up considerably for me recently, and my recent failure at S+ (again) meant it wasn't going to get any better anytime soon.  This quickly broke down from being some side income I could invest back into my company into, "fuck I wasted 4 hours debugging some dudes code instead of working on my own shit".  110% my fault for the trash time management skills.  I figure the best way to prevent this is to focus on my new contracting job and growing my company. In order to do this I decided to request my account be banned to avoid further procrastination (big brained as fuck fuck right?).

    Who knows this might be the drug I can't stop being addicted to or hell DB3 might drop and I come crawling back.  Overall Dreambot has some of the best staff members in the scene even tho DB2 sometimes needs a good beating with a baseball bat.  Big thanks to @Nuclear Nezz, @Xephy, and @Hashtag for being some great staff (The rest of you I barely talked to nothing personal).


    My Discord information will still be the same as whatever is in my profile if you need me.  You can also contact @depwession (the worst chat mod in existence (and my excellent business partner over the last year)) to get in touch with me.  Chances are I will still be in the Dreambot EDU discord unless that also becomes to much of a distraction for me.



    * Someone hmu once db3 drops tho so I can check that shit out.

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    y u leave 😢

    You will be missed Yeeter! Truly missed! Massively missed!

    Good luck on your future projects and plans!


    pst: you're kidding about DB3 right? but before you go... what is a DB3?

    Edited by Defiled
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    Sad to see you leave. This community was really lucky to have someone like you: willing to help at all times and answer even the dumbest questions with the best attitude. Gladly I got way past writing a simple tree cutter and it’s all thanks to you. You’re the real MVP and will be truly missed!

    Good luck man.


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    Sad to see you go man, thanks for all the times you've helped out. Whether it be helping me personally or everything you've done for this community, and the major part you've had in building it up. Hope everything works out for you bro :)

    PS: I will let you know when DB3 comes around. :)

    Edited by Knighton22
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