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DreamBot is the only Deadman Mode supported bot on the market!

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  1. Ben

    Auto Accept

    you want a.... Bot that says theyre gonna double money, take money and just keep taking trades
  2. You're gonna have to buy a private script for proxyless. and goodluck, it goes against alot of the botters morals to make such a script involved with illegal activity.
  3. Ben

    Perm Ban, 100M reward.

    ive never been banned for trades under 500m
  4. Buying any rogue den accounts - must be hand trained PM on discord - Ben#0258 or here with your price Stats Required 50agil + 50thiev
  5. Bots aren't really great money makers these days, you'd be better off just selling private scripts
  6. @karloboydo @Milasoft - You gave him trial for a few days the first time (coz u missed it) - Suppose you could just use those as proof to deny his request Damn leeches @Leonn EDIT: btw not the right section for RAR
  7. Ben

    Kne's GFX

    Vouch made me a sick design for work - fast and professional
  8. Can’t add ,add me @ ben#0258