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  1. Keep in mind it’s aud, and retails for 400~ usd Uhm, I barely even notice it lmao although the new screen really hurt my head and gave me a headache the first day, it felt perfect the next day maybe a bit big for my desk/seating distance but o well
  2. went from shitty https://www.allbids.com.au/c/computers-it/widescreen/vivo-mled22-216-inch-widescreen-led-monitor-620644 To this beast https://www.mwave.com.au/product/msi-optix-mag271cqr-27-144hz-wqhd-1ms-freesync-curved-va-gaming-monitor-ac22571
  3. Begone inner demons !
  4. Ben

    lookin for meele guide

    jsut get p2p and do waterfall quest + quests to mm, you will get 60/60/60 by then
  5. ill just take it off you for 10k
  6. @Nexlet me buy u this name babe :3 uwu
  7. no spaces? otherwise its worthless, maybe 10m max
  8. Hi sorry, thought i had notifications for this post, have just noticed the quality of pictures! The total of the stats are 1647 ill post better pics or try to
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