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  1. Need a script that can: login using username:pass from .txt file trade mule for supplies. bank supplies ( account will be located in a bank ) remove received items from the bank walk to a location log out and repeat with a different login:pass from the .txt file please PM me how much you would charge for this or if you need more specific information
  2. @Hashtag how many weeks or months do you let your costumers wait until you fix a bug or even reply to them?
  3. Bought from a trusted member, topic can be closed.
  4. dude you kept going offline & instead of just explaining your situation you just kept ignoring me giving short answers and going offline again. multiple times was willing to trade you my gold but you kept me waiting for a very long time and after 20mins or so I suggested a middleman. anyway don't trash my topic just because you are salty now. it is just a waste of both of times.
  5. not sure why you would post this here. I wouldn't had asked if you weren't so shady. if you want attention from other people than make your own topic don't trash talk on mine stop being so childish you already wasted enough of my time.
  6. got stuck looping through account management, the same error was reported over a month ago but still no fix?
  7. no I mean making it possible for the bot to create tiaras, I believe that they give more runecrafting xp than essense
  8. makaveli


    please consider adding regular energy potions to free 2 play mode
  9. makaveli


    can i have a trail?
  10. Hey guys, I am working on a android application but I need some testers for it. The app is in the playstore and its concept is that you can earn points by: Completing surveys Watching videos Downloading and installing other apps from the appstore I will pay daily in 07GP or if you like to be paid in Paypal than that is also possible PM me for more information
  11. Naa man you would be thinking too much about it instead try to focus on enjoying your holiday and, forget about online things for a week
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