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    1. I need someone to do 2 quests on a fresh lvl 3 for me, pm me on discord for more details if interested. Mancubus#0324
    2. actually found a solution for it, just made sure hte bot never picks a world that it is so far down/up that is has to scroll to it.
    3. No Its not that I actually want it to hop as fast as possible, would be perfect if the client could send the hop request without scrolling through the entire worldhopper to find the world. Would this be possible?
    4. I want to hop was fast as possible, quickHop() logs me out so that doesnt work for me I dont think its much faster than hopWorld(). Anyone know of a fast way to hop to a random members world?
    5. title says it pretty much, just wanted to raise some attention to it
    6. just wanted to raise some more attention to this, it looks like it fails to select items from the inventory and gets stuck in various ways like other people said
    7. Pfew was already worried I fcked up my script lol hope the devs will fix it quickly
    8. For that price it should do anything there is to do in this game and meanwhile solve world hunger too
    9. I use this quickarg -breaks alot and currently it works like this: if you have a break activated in your client (manually or with the param) and you want to start another client without any breaks activated and you start it without the -breaks parameter it will start up WITH the same break activated that was already activate in the client. Could you make it so that the second client without hte -breaks param will start with all saved breaks deactivated? I hope it makes sense
    10. im getting an error on all my devices: Error: kq.bz() gw.c() be.fk() client.z() al.d() | kq.bz gw.c be.fk client.z al.d al.run java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4370 error_game_crash
    11. it just opens the buy screen but doesnt type any items.
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