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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java installed
  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. Thank you very much for your detailed response! I will definately try to create some solution myself with your snippet, looks good. I'm not familair with the Node part at the end but Ill figure something out 😛
  2. The RandomSolver that handles the Too many login attempts screen will get stuck on there trying to login over and over again for hours on end. The problem is obviously that it doesnt wait enough time before it tries to login again. Because they are fixed if I pause the script for 20 mins or so and then start it again. Can this issue get looked into? just making it wait 20-30 mins would fix it I imagine.
  3. I am still running into the same CPU problem even with the latest build. My clients CPU usage stays around 2% and sometimes shoots up to 30%. When Im running multiple bots it sometimes causes my CPU to run at 100% which is not good. Anyone else ran into this problem? Could be my script aswell.
  4. That would actually be better since then I won't have to add the break for every new account added, I can just set it up in the quickstart line. I'd love to see that feature added! Very good solution. I also have some feedback on the performance of the new client. The CPU usage of the client fluctuates from 2% to max 35% from time to time causing my overall CPU to run very inconsistently aswell when running alot of bots. I don't remember having this issue on DB2.
  5. That's quite unfortunate indeed 😞 That way I could quickstart bots with their own breaks which was pretty nice. Since it is in beta still, would you consider adding it back? IMO Dreambot2 had the best break system already of all public clients because of that feature.
  6. Is there any way to setup different breaks for each account like in Dreambot 2? I loved that feature.
  7. Nice script. Could you possibly make it enable shift drop itself?
  8. If you could make it buy a house in falador first and walk it to the portal I would be eternal grateful But awesome script still! thanks for sharing
  9. Cant really show it to you Im afraid since it is kind of custom made for my method.
  10. @thecloakdone Jezus thats alot of code just to handle Death . Wrote my own handler for first death and all other deaths in like 15 lines lol back when it just got added to the game. But I would like to use the clients handler. Thank you anyways for the disable snippet tho
  11. Its not doing any of the options and just keeps spamming the portal.
  12. Think I found a bug in DEATHS_DOOR solver, my bot kept clicking the portal while it still needed to to the dialogue with death and got stuck that way.
  13. Mancubus

    Wet Quests

    Aah lol, I know your stuggle as a fellow scripter 😛 I just caught one doing rune mysteries failing to enter the wizard guild. it was trying to deliver the note. I suggest making it only click the lever once LeverXArea.contains(getLocalPlayer) for your lever problem so it has to click the door first and enter the area.
  14. Mancubus

    Wet Quests

    Hey man, Ive doing some more testing and Ive a few suggestions. - I suggest making it buy cadava berries or pick them for romeo&juliet since it gets stuck at the potions guy. - making X marks the spot buy a spade - when doing ernest the chicken it will try to click a lever without opening the door and get stuck. Same lever everytime, cant remember which one. - when doing restless ghost it sometimes fails to get out of the wizard towers lair after picking up the skull and gets stuck at the ladder. If I find or think of anything else Ill let you know again, nice script. could you possibly add quickstart params to it you think?
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