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    1. Computor

      Dbuffed scam

      This fucker should be perma banned....fucking hacked my gmail account to get his shitty little account back, here's the proof: Bitch changing his account info back: Buying his account: I changed the account name to "KillingYou", but it was Barrshandy1 when he had it. This fucking prick literally hacked my fucking gmail account just to get his pathetic little account back. Pretty sure that's illegal in all countries....fuck him.
    2. Hey guys, I'd like to start off by saying HOLY FUCK, it's been great here. This weekend I recently participated in a regional hackaton for MasterCard: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/mastercard-masters-of-code-st-louis-tickets-16639574415 My team and I won the entire competition. We're being flown into California (Silicon Valley) for a week to meet with head CEOs from multiple corporations: Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, MasterCard, Apple (yes, Tim Cook), and then competing against 10 other 5-man teams for a chance to win $100k USD and a bunch of other company start up funds. I will be needing to prepare for this trip as best as possible, and I know deep down that there's no way in hell scripting on DreamBot is going to help me achieve this goal. It's a sad truth, but it's a reality. I don't know how that's all going to go script-wise (if I can/should leave my scripts up or not) but I definitely won't be supporting them anymore. I'd appreciate it if an admin got in touch with me about that. I'll probably be around for another week, but then that's it, I'm done. I have a TON of opportunity here, and NEED to take advantage of it, sadly that means leaving DreamBot. I really don't want to, but I need to. Thank you so much for this awesome time, especially all the people who skype me on chat (ya'll know who you are). Thanks to Nezz, Pandemic, and NotoriousPP for helping the community continue to run smoothly through their own daily lives, I'll miss you all.
    3. Lol, gotta update previous scripts, and do school work. Going to take time.... Also: I never didn't finish it...? Just takes a while.
    4. Apparently (according to Nezz) they've become unreadable, following no pattern at all, which is why they're annoying Edit: at barrows***
    5. They're pretty neat, but also really annoying XD
    6. Try using an IDE to compile, I haven't dealt with legit compiler yet (simply because it's unneeded/takes forever), but IDEs are definitely more simple.
    7. Hey guys, welcome to my AIO Farming updates post. This will be a frequently-updated post regarding the process of my AIO Farming script. It will mostly involve lots of information regarding computer science, but I’ll also post pictures to be a little more noob-friendly. A little explanation of bits and bitwise operators: CLICK BUTTON TO VIEW! 10/7/2015 10/6/2015 10/5/2015 9/30/2015 9/5/2015
    8. Scaring me :S Yeah, I will make a thread, it will just be "blog" styled.
    9. Thinking about creating a "blog" type forum post with updates/activity on my scripting progress for my AIO Farmer. Ideas include: Screenshots of progress Ideas on farming (probably only informative to people who want to make their own farming scripts) Some solutions for the bitwise operations to grab the player's settings Videos of progress. Should I or nawh?
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