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    1. Was it my script? It should not break there at all It has been supporting auth for quite a while now. The Client itself just spams the message to the console for whatever reason.
    2. As the people allready pointed out my Script does exactly what you ask for and categorizes accounts. I am not sure which categories right now but there are more than five and you should get all the information about your accounts that you could need.
    3. why does my name appear in so many polls now
    4. Dinh

      Dinh Vs Nex

      mom get the camera
    5. In the latest release of the Dreambot Client(as of now 2.0.8) we have added CMD arguments to our client. What this means is that you can autostart scripts via command line. The current args available are: -proxy "Proxy nickname" -script "The Script Name Here" -world 318 (or any other world number) -username "Dreambot Forum Username" -password "Dreambot Forum Password" -account "Account nickname" -version 1.0 (version of the script) -fps 30 (set the FPS here) -params "Any param" can go "in this area" (these will probably be generally script specific, and must be supported by the script) -proxyHostArg (host of a proxy) -proxyPortArg 12345 (port of a proxy) -proxyUserArg nezzisgr8 (username for proxy authentication) -proxyPassArg password1234 (password for proxy authentication) -accountUsernames [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (any number of account usernames instead of nicknames) -accountPasswords password1234 password1234 password1234 (any number of account passwords instead of nicknames)
    6. pingy allready dm'd me about it tomma your scripter has to fix it or let some other scripter do it
    7. oh man sounds like i have todo pest control smithing and fletching now
    8. how current co² emission will support the rise of the sea level at a dangerous speed idk im a 4eigner
    9. @ScriptManifest(author = "Dinh", version = 1.0D, category = Category.MISC, name = "for Forums", description = "for Forums") public class ItemTracker extends AbstractScript implements InventoryListener { private int counter; private final int CHOCLATE_DUST_ID = -1; @Override public int onLoop() { return 0; } @Override public void onPaint(Graphics g) { g.drawString("Crushed: " + counter, 15, 30); } @Override public void onItemChange(Item[] items) { for (Item item : items) { if (item.getID() == CHOCLATE_DUST_ID) { counter += item.getAmount(); } } } }
    10. can I start in the novice section please thanks
    11. i posted a fully working source code for it on this forum, somewhere
    12. i remember that day in december when articron laughed at me for calling it branch & leaf and now he does this !!
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