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    1. howmuch rsgp will it cost if u make me a autotalker with mod detector? and howmuch for a dice bot that accepts trades and rolls and pays if win , join in rs07 clanchat: grandx2 , i mean bot like those

    2. I'm now offering a $5 VPS Setup Service. Here is what's included: I'll securely setup your server for Botting. I'll show you how to connect to the server via Teamviewer. I'll provide basic support answering any basic Linux questions. Optional Extras: SSH Key Implementation (Increased SSH Security) - Ask me.. OpenVPN Setup (Your own Personal VPN) - Ask me.. IPTables Implementation (Increased Firewall Security & Anti-DDOS Capability) - Ask me.. Socks5 Proxy Setup (Your own Socks5 Proxy) - Ask me.. Additional IPv4 Setup - Ask me.. Bash Code Advice - Ask me.. Payment Methods: Store Credit, Ethereum, OSGP (.80$/M) Terms & Conditions: You use Ubuntu 16.04 or above for the system. I only guarantee DreamBot Client will work. You have Windows OS on your desktop. Contact Methods: Skype ( live:donaldtrumposrs ) Discord ( Donald Trump#4447 )
    3. I wasn't banned offsite for what you may think. I was banned because I called the owner a prick out of spite for having my topic removed because they didn't ask me about it before hand. After I proved that I wasn't lying about a competitor I was un-banned and my topic was allowed back. Either way I cba to read this topic so if i got the wrong end of the stick then..
    4. Could you change the formatting so it helps my eyes if I'm using the dark theme?
    5. Well that's strange I said Gay because Deceiver posted his PUBG player and wasn't directly aimed towards you apart from that. You just provoking and i'm there telling Lycen that is what you do. If I've harassed you again then obviously the staff don't understand what harassment means so then they're welcome to ban me permanently in that case. Ultimately I've said you're a dreamer. Don't forget to include the times you're personally attacking me for a reaction (3 times) and I haven't made a report because i'm not a dick like some people.
    6. Looking for anything that is highly botted like Raw Lobsters, Oak Logs, Adamant Arrow (Wildy Looting) etc, I only want bulk so upwards worth of 30mill. If you have something similar to the above simply message me the amount you have and the price you want and we can continue from there. You can also message me on Discord to discuss further.
    7. ★ Features ★ Stats are 20 (Attack), 20 (Strength), 20 (Defense) Guaranteed. Accounts checked via hi-scores prior to handover. ★ Payment Method ★ ONLY ★ Price ★ 500k ea ★ Stock ★ 20+ ★ Contact Info ★ Skype( live:donaldtrumposrs ) Discord( Donald Trump#4447 ) ★ Terms ★ I'm not responsible for any bans/locks that may occur. Screenshot will be taken prior to sale to prove accounts aren't banned.
    8. You're the master of causing shit for no reason. I called you Gay so what, grow up and stop crying.
    9. Nice, GL with sales. Good to see new account sellers coming up.
    10. Bump. I have 1 Dedicated Available. Also increased price to $45. SOLD
    11. > Decent profit margin > Cheap & affordable accounts Pick one
    12. Cheap 60/60/60's would be nice, also cheap air orb accounts. Also 70/70/70's with NMZ if they're like 10-15mill
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