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    1. I did just try it on a low level account (as opposed to one of my higher level accounts) and indeed it didn't begin questing, I'll go and fix it to quest at low levels then, dunno how that broke but expect it to work in 0-1 days
    2. Draynor bank is avoided until the bot is high enough level not to be attacked by the mage within; looting used to be a thing but it was removed for being slow and botlike with minimal profit. Glad you like the bot so far.
    3. That first thing is kinda funny, idk why it'd path through there but seems rare enough to leave, consider it "noob error" lol. Maybe try increasing the questing skill weight? It definitely works, although the lowest levelled accounts are somewhat averse to it because rushing them is sus.
    4. Yes It won't bother getting a weapon until it's at least lv5 attack
    5. Come trial my script, you won't be needing bonds
    6. Maybe a bit? I have webhooks keeping track of all my F2P users (who are especially ban-prone) and most of them are doing just fine
    7. thanks for the nice words; i think this means no quests available for its level/settings
    8. That's unusual, it seems to work fine for most people on Discord (aside from a rare issue with breaks). Pls ensure everything is up-to-date and feel free to share the console log
    9. yes there's an option on the page you can choose for lifetime
    10. Yes but use the options to disable exchange and selling
    11. I think you can do better than that, there's a chat of live performance in the bot's discord which shows users' live performance, and a whole FAQ section containing advice regarding not getting banned.
    12. I would suggest that you see the FAQ for the script, which has advice on how not to get banned. The most common culprit is using rubbish Tutorial bots, but it's all there for you to try. If you join the Discord linked in my description, there is a #webhooks channel which gives live results from other users, many of whom are currently reaching 400-500+ TTL over many days.
    13. Just stands there? It could be AFKing, you should press ctrl+L and send me a screenshot of what's happening in the log. Otherwise i suggest disabling al-kharid warriors to stop it doing that.
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