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    1. this rarely happens in this particular goblin dialogue, you can disable the quest in the meantime if you want
    2. Oh, this one's easy, the script is complaining it doesn't have a properties file because it's not been run manually yet, so do that.
    3. Stuff that seemed to be working fine: Java was installed and working Stuff that didn't work: Changing the / or \ on the directory path Moving the files to the script's directory and changing the path accordingly
    4. sometimes it likes to hover in advance, if something's going wrong do say so i can fix it
    5. Oh? Same setup? I'll have to change some things up then, thanks!
    6. Could be, it's hard to tell because everyone has different setups with different banrates. You could experiment with it.
    7. Thanks for your feedback, sad timing because I've just put out a post-primes anti-ban update/refresh. Presumably you have a reliable way of doing Tutorial Island (sometimes it's that). 1) There's some derpiness that has a small chance of happening 3) This also has a small chance of happening 4) You can adjust this with the skill weights, albeit not exactly maximum time. Thanks again
    8. Aeglen

      Basic Construction

      Maybe it finally stopped working, maybe you didn't follow the instructions. Meh, it's open-source so if you really want the bot you can probably figure it out.
    9. Indeed I do keep it up to date, but there hasn't been an issue in a while
    10. If it's really low level this can happen. Otherwise it should get armour _most_ of the time. You should see the FAQ if not already it has some advice on avoiding bans. All users' results can be publicly seen in the Discord in my sig (webhooks chat).
    11. Couple of months. Btw I am a bit more buried in work and deadlines than I anticipated but that update is in progress!
    12. Yeah probably gonna code it up on Monday. It's a whole bunch of mathsy statsy stuff, although it might not be humanly visible the signature is in there and whilst it's designed to avoid detection sometimes the jagex algorithm catches on over time - then I change things up.
    13. It varies per character and stuff gets a bit longer as you level up (but some tasks are still nonetheless short). I'll try and add your suggestion into the next update, thanks. Ask Pandemic or post in the refunds section It's all the little things contributing to the bot's "signature" which I try to avoid. At the time it wasn't really detected. Then primes happened and it was detected. Since then I've changed some stuff up and afaik bans are lowish again. You can see live updates of users' progress in the discord in my sig.
    14. Ah sorry for the slow reply, I'll have a look into it for next update. It's kinda hard to balance given the mouse algorithm but it seems to have reasonable survival except during amazon prime lol.
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