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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox
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  1. Also note that <working machine> and <not-working machine> have exactly the same IP, firewall, etc and I'm not using a proxy.
  2. Neither 32 bit java nor jarfix helped, but thanks. However, I tried launching from cmd and was met with the following: [ERROR] Failed to connect to OSRS, retrying... (x10) Failed to start InstanceWrapper! log7j:ERROR No output stream or file set for the appender named [LocalFile].
  3. Backstory: In Summer 2016 I wanted to look at botting and tried using DreamBot (since it looked the most promising of the softwares), only to find that the game wouldn't launch. Instead I used the far inferior other-bot-beginning-with-p whose API honestly made me hate java... anyhow now I am having another go, with a new computer, something interesting seems to be happening: This computer: Win 8.1, Java 8 32-bit. Dreambot hardly ever has any issues launching the game. There are never any issues launching the jar or client. Other computer#1: Win 7, Java 8 64-bit. Dreambot only manages to launch the game ~2% of the time. There are never any issues launching the jar or client. Other computer#2: Win 7, Java 8 32-bit. Dreambot hardly ever has any issues launching the game. There are never any issues launching the jar or client. Note that lowering the RAM or restarting other computer #1 did not appear to help. Could this be an issue with the java being 64 bit? Will have to wait till tomorrow to change it.
  4. Aeglen

    Redeem a bond

    public Boolean redeemBond() { if (getGrandExchange().isOpen()) { sleepUntil(() -> getGrandExchange().close(), delay(4000)); } sleepUntil(() -> getInventory().interact(BOND,"Redeem"), delay(3000)); sleep(delay(400)); WidgetChild single = getWidgets().getWidgetChild(66,7); sleepUntil(() -> single.interact("1 Bond"), delay(3000)); sleep(delay(400)); WidgetChild confirm = getWidgets().getWidgetChild(66,24); sleepUntil(() -> confirm.interact("Confirm"), delay(3000)); sleep(delay(1000)); getTabs().logout(); return Boolean.TRUE; } Assumes the bond is in the inventory. Tested once, but don't see why it wouldn't work unless the buttons are extra laggy. A better way of doing this might be to sleepUntil (66,24) has "Confirm" as text, but I didn't think of this before testing it on the single bond I had at the time (gotta save gpz for annoying weekly-fluctuating resource prices).
  5. Maybe your IP is flagged? I've been working on a (private) bot which has been running solidly for a couple of weeks (impeded only by updates) and no bans. The only antiban thus far is genetic-per-account-behaviour and custom breaks, including going to "sleep" for many hours. Note that new accounts are much more prone to being banned if that's what you're using.
  6. Aeglen

    Wet Quester

    Working perfectly now +1
  7. Aeglen

    Wet Quester

    It works quite well, although it might just be me but it seems to take a long time between actions (particularly when running somewhere). Completed Cook's Assistant no issues and got a bit stuck on Sheep Shearer's initial farmer dialogue.
  8. Such an amzaing script, even though it gets stuck at the bank-door it still does the island in effectively a single click.
  9. ...Or the very real alternative possibility that I am dumb and am missing how to use it correctly.
  10. Hi, first post, newbie scripter, etc etc. I'm trying to use GE.cancelAll() and whilst it can open a single offer and cancel it, it then fails to collect coins/items or cancel any subsequent offers. Should be fine working around this for now but just wanna say it seems bugged.
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