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    1. Hello everyone, I would like a refund of the VIP payment, I wanted to renew the one I had, and bought another by mistake, the one I want to renew is due on 06/19 and the one I want a refund of is on 06/08
    2. when I change internet provider, all accounts enter w463. when I use a proxy it doesn't affect anything.
    3. okay, currently I have 3 pcs ..... in 2 of them every 10 minutes (approximately) the accounts stop when they hop to world 463 and it says "error connecting to server. Please try using a different world". They all handle the same public ip, I have tried many things so that the accounts do not stop in that world. the strange thing is that in the case of the pc that does not stop it is not because it accesses the w463, it is because the scripts avoid entering it. Has anyone else had this problem?
    4. and also the script stopped after a while, for no reason
    5. @Hashtag I have a problem, the script is consuming 30% of my 4 core processor, and when I open another account it consumes the same amount
    6. hi guys, i've been researching how to effectively run the "quickstart" tool, i'm trying to open multiple clients with their respective acounts. in dreambot 2 it was simple, just: -account "acc 1" "acc 2" "acc 3". and that's it but now in dreambot 3, there is no multitab ... How could I execute more than one account in 1 command.
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