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    1. Very True! OP - Test, test, test. Keep records in a google sheet of each account's creation date, rest time, scripts used, etc...
    2. hahaha sorry for the trouble man! I appreciate the help!
    3. Thanks so much! The wording must of confused me, Enjoy the rest of the weekend! EDIT: Looks like I don't have access to that field? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tM8dYMbaP1Rt96prH--blrEDI6_fpCjb/view
    4. Hello! I saw in the VIP package that usertitles can be changed, Can I request a usertitle change to OSRS OG? If I can do it my self please let me know and I will get it done, Thanks! 👍👍
    5. Guevara

      Xero AIO Grinder

      Looks great, I will be trying it out soon!
    6. Holy crap, legendary script. Much appreciated.
    7. Love the frequent updates! Thanks so much!
    8. This worked 100% Thanks so much for the help, have a great day now!
    9. This is a hilarious script. I love it. I created a character solely dedicated to it hahaha, just for fun. Thanks
    10. I'm having very similar results with Member vs f2p accounts. (Not in regards to 2 days, but bans as a whole, my member accounts are banned at a far lower rate so far)
    11. I will try this shortly and get back to you, Thanks so much for the fast support!
    12. Smart aggro doesn't seem to want to start. Always red regardless of if it is checked or not. I've tried starting at the rock crabs, starting away from them and having it walk there and it still stays red. Tried both AFK and roaming. I use fresh start on all clients and covert mode. Any ideas?
    13. Make sure you have Java installed! https://www.java.com/en/ If you already have Dreambot running then use the Play button in the bottom right, select the script and start it.
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