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    1. How do I download it bro

    2. qbots

      @ Crabs

      I can definitely add potion support, it'll be a part of a bigger update hopefully!
    3. qbots

      @ Crabs

      I'll give it a look, and add some features tomorrow edit: I dont know what you are talking about, I dont even have a "starting crabs" message in my code lol
    4. qbots

      @ Crabs

      Thanks friends I plan on being somewhat active with free scripts
    5. qbots

      @ Crabs

      @ Crabs The easy to use free AIO crabs! This is currently a beta and will only support ammonite crabs for now, expect daily updates to improve any bugs Any requests for features or bug fixes will be dealt with as if this was a paid script, I just wanted a simple crab script so I made one and now I want to share it with everyone and make it something easy to use and hopefully have a low ban rate! Features: Preloaded spots as well as the ability to set a custom spot to kill crabs at Goes with the "afk" method to appear less bot-like Opens inventory or sk
    6. If that's the case then the post defining quickstart args needs to be updated as it doesn't specify script as being VIP+ or anything
    7. It logged in and started a script? Doesn't do it for me
    8. Doesn't change anything, that was just a mistake on the post. Go try it out, it doesn't work unless something has changed or broke or I'm just doing something wrong.
    9. Quickstart doesn't seem to start scripts anymore. Example quickstart that will not work: java -jar client.jar --script "ChickenKiller" --world 382 --account acc That command will load the client on the correct world but doesn't start the script
    10. nice release. db3 when tho?
    11. I would probably do it, but I dont have scripter rank anymore so I dont know if I'm allowed to? (Price is usually very reasonable since I do it for fun)
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