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    1. Been running 24/7 with the new client and havent had a ban yet lol
    2. qbots

      @ Alcher

      I can add that easily enough. Looking into it.
    3. qbots

      @ Abyss

      Hey, should be fixed when it gets compiled (Probably tomorrow?) I also made the obstacles to use configurable in the GUI instead of figuring it out for users
    4. qbots

      @ Abyss

      I'll give it a good look this week and fix it. (Probably tonight)
    5. Happens to me almost daily here recently, so it's not just you
    6. qbots

      @ Abyss

      What are your stats? If you dont have the stats/items to reliably use an obstacle it wont use it.
    7. I'll not argue the refund, but in the future @OhioTragedies should probably contact scripters before making refund requests. Cant fix a bug if people dont report them and explain settings they use, what gear/stats, etc. (Also, trials are a thing. Use them next time, my script at least has a trial)
    8. qbots

      @ Abyss

      Did you have a pickaxe, tinderbox, hatchet? if not, what obstacles were you trying to use?
    9. Bug is fixed but after speaking with user, refund is still fine with me.
    10. qbots

      @ Abyss

      Either you are blind and didn't see the GUI pop up or you didn't run the script because there is definitely a food option. It also works fine as I just tested it. Make sure you ran the correct script.
    11. qbots

      @ Crabs

      Thanks for the input, I'll be adding sand crabs and making some BASIC antipattern doing what you wrote essentially.
    12. qbots

      @ Abyss

      @ Abyss Abyss runecrafting script Price: $4.99 Please trial before buying and report any bugs! Any serious bugs or features I missed may result in a free copy Features: Crafts any runes in the abyss Can use any obstacle, configurable in GUI Stop on death Eat at any % Stamina potion support Teleports using house tabs and mounted glory in house Will detect pouches in inventory and use them Repair pouches if one breaks Future features: More teleport options Progress reports:
    13. Just FYI chat listener is how runelite does it as well https://github.com/runelite/runelite/blob/365375ee2123d8ef3387cea4ea4a94eb0c0940f2/runelite-client/src/main/java/net/runelite/client/plugins/timers/TimersPlugin.java#L674
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