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    1. its back online dudes and it very rarely go down like this at all. first time i had seen it go down twice within 2 days, very weird..
    2. is it the website/servers getting attacked or someone using like 1000 thousands of accounts at once? ..or is that the same thing?
    3. AutoMan


      i'd tell you...but i just got the way things work or atleast i think i did haha, go on youtube for tip and tricks is my tip ...and tricks
    4. hmmm ima check that out hehehe
    5. actually, can someone reopen this idea? i'd feel better knowing someone can't just use the login i use and just spam thus making my account look bad. ahh nvm, im just being paranoid. actually forget that, it'll be even cooler to have generate random list button in the account management section so you can copy and paste it when making new accounts. that'll be cool id go for that one
    6. i get that lower bound error too but it really doesnt affect anything training/botting wise soo...idk ehh
    7. are they good proxies? maybe try vpn? were you still using proxy when playing legitimately for 2 hrs or just using the db cilent tho?
    8. covert mode helps dude, i think its supposed to be like mirror/stealth mode or something idk
    9. AutoMan

      I think..

      oh you guys....theres no need to agree with me
    10. AutoMan

      I think..

      instead of calling it suicide accounts...its better to call them unenlightened/reincarnated accounts. it just seems more better right?
    11. ahh...idk but maybe it something else then..uhh do what feels right? uhhh get ahead without getting ahead? idk but yea something like that
    12. with anything bannable start out slow first imo
    13. oh..oh i see. that makes sense then, haha dang then i guess what i been manually doing is not good method >.> wait...why do i feel like...this happened before...hmmmm anyways...if only there was a unlimited instances option... .....lol jk im just being poor boy rn
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