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  1. That's fucked. Had an injury on my shoulder as well for like a good month, think it had to do something with my tendon. Couldn't do ONE single pull-up. Back to climbing again since a couple days now. Keep training man, you can't let me outperform you in climbing. Currently doing V4/V5's.
  2. Rip Nezz. Don't tell me u quit climbing. soon™ Congratz to @Hashtag
  3. so.. I guess this uses bones on poh altar?
  4. You know, you can try and set a name before you play.
  5. Nima

    New Years

    ah thanks dude, I always wanted to join a legit gambling discord! I'll for sure win that 120m!
  6. Happy holidays nezz. Also, tell me about ur new years rock climbing resolutions lmao.
  7. Partnering up with people you don't know, especially in a runescape botting community, is generally a bad idea. Nice, who are the pro scriptwriters?
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