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  1. I find it really strange that they banned you so quickly after making the deal... My guess is they were monitoring to whom the goldseller's account was giving gold but, for such a small amount, it doesn't make sense at all. For the future, use a throwaway account to buy/sell gold on. Good luck!
  2. those double xp streams on Twitch got you
  3. Deus Aureae


    Hey man, once again lovely script! However I have 1 bug to report, for demon slayer, after buying items from the ge, it loops withdrawing and depositing 10gp. (tried it with ge turned off as well with the same result) EDIT: just realized someone posted this on the previous page, free bump
  4. I've been using this bot for 2 years and not once have I been hacked. You clicked on a phishing link.
  5. Hello Deus AUreae is it possible you can make me emblem farming script? please reply :)

    1. Deus Aureae

      Deus Aureae

      ask @Koschei, this man provides quality scripts

    2. Kanape789


      ok ty



  6. I approve of this message. Brought to you by DB farmers association.
  7. Dreambot isn't detected or flagged. You can test this by playing legit on the dreambot client without getting banned. For bans, it's all mostly based on the method/script used.
  8. Generally speaking, anti-ban methods are a meme. As long as your script does what it needs to do correctly every time, that's the best it can get.
  9. the API is a lot easier to work with here. Welcome
  10. just use a mouse recorder