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    1. Hi, yes!, I started working on it a while ago and haven't had time to test it - I'll try to implement it before or on the weekend.
    2. Hi thanks for reporting the issue - an update will be posted today or tomorrow fixing that problem
    3. Hi, thanks for reporting an issue, it seems that it's the scripts fault - i will post an update fixing this in an up coming days
    4. Thanks for reporting an issue! It will be fixed in the next update.
    5. Thanks for reporting the issue! I'll take a look at it and will try to fix it asap
    6. BotHeaven TeleAlcher Simple tele-alching script. Select desired teleport and item to alch and enjoy! Script will stop if it cannot cast either High Alchemy or selected teleport, so make sure to have required runes in Your inventory! Does not support rune pouch!
    7. BotHeaven Mining Simple F2P mining script featuring drop/bank setting, few F2P locations and randomized drop patterns. Make sure to have selected pickaxe in bank or inventory. Use Your own breaks and sleeps as the script doesn't have any other antiban features other than drop patterns and hovering of next rock! This script does not hop worlds in any case! Some location's don't show up if You don't meet their requirements. Supported ores: Copper/Tin, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Adamant List of locations: Bronze - Varrock East Iron - Varrock East - Rimmington (2 spots) - Al Kharid (3 spots) (Req: 28+ Combat Level) - Mining Guild F2P (not throughly tested) (Req: 60+ Mining Level) Coal - Al Kharid (Req: 28+ Combat Level) - Barbarian Village - Lumbridge - Mining Guild F2P (not throughly tested) (Req: 60+ Mining Level) Mithril - Al Kharid (Req: 28+ Combat Level) - Lumbridge - Mining Guild F2P (not throughly tested) (Req: 60+ Mining Level) Adamant - Lumbridge - Al Kharid (Req: 28+ Combat Level) - Mining Guild F2P (not throughly tested) (Req: 60+ Mining Level)
    8. I would recommend either to check the veins by their ids as they change, or look for another way of waiting until certain condition finished. As to the mining, is there anything stopping you from executing the left click only if Player is not animating? Afaik mining animation doesnt flicker so You could sleep while animating - that would prevent it from clicking again when already mining. Your name comparison is kind of weird, you said you used currentNode.getName() .equals("Ore vein") and then when the vein had name Depleted vein it still returned true, that would point out that you are comparing the wrong object.
    9. GameObject.closest() can return null, so make sure You check if it's null, then if exists i.e Sleep.sleepUntil(() -> currentNode == null || !currentNode.exists() || Inventory.isFull(), 25000)
    10. Hi, thanks for the suggestion! I have pushed an update that includes Anglerfish - as I can't test it myself now, I hope it will work as intended. Look out for SDN Bot reply with an update and let me know if there are any issues!
    11. Hi thanks for reporting an issue, can You elaborate on this? I am guessing that the script doesnt equip the harpoon automatically? EDIT I checked the issue and pushed an update that should fix the problem - look out for SDN Bot reply with an update
    12. hey i dont think the script for bh fishing is working atm 

    13. BH Canifis Rooftops Simple Canifis Rooftop runner with basic antiban. WARNING! The bot does not get food from bank or heal! It will however stop for a moment if it's hp will be low
    14. Sure thing, i will include an option to exclude additional items from drop list!
    15. I found the issue and it will be fixed after SDN approval
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