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    1. I can see why it would have got you banned - you're doing the exact same activity over and over with 0% variation. Account gets stunned, pickpocket after 3 sec, account pickpockets, pickpocket again after 3 sec. your rnd value is only called once per loop so every RND value is exactly the same!
    2. Can you provide a screenshot of the reason for ban, was it 3rd party ban or macro ban? What was the length?
    3. Agree with this as a result of testing this on other f2p skills.
    4. I messed with that in the pass and found little to no impact tbh.
    5. I have heard agility is pretty high, as I suspect its a hot spot for botters. Might be worth skipping on botting it or getting a private script. I personally botted to about 55 on private scripts but others I have spoken with have had issues using other scripts more commonly used.
    6. So far we have seen that result in no change to ban rates on Dreambot.
    7. I have about a dozen accounts that have the magic lvl to high alch, from my experience that is a highly moderated activity by Jagex so you better expect bans and if you use a script it better be very very well made to mirror a human and even then you better mule off it often to reduce risk.
    8. thats not a 3rd party client ban... any botting on other clients previously on that account?
    9. Oh gotcha, sorry I add that to my scripts by default so I consider doing the same thing every lap to mean exactly what you are referring to.
    10. Paid scripts require you to qualify to post them, therefore its fair to say they are of all high quality.
    11. Nothing wrong with it doing the same thing ever lap, just needs to have some error handling in there and checks for when there are other factors at play like marks of grace or your fail a section and fall.
    12. If you are doing that and dont want to lose the new account I would recommend botting what you don't see other botter doing, which is definitely harder given that free scripts tend to cover only highly botted activities. Look at the SDN and look for less popular bots or general use bots that can be used anywhere, and expect some bans.
    13. There is a section of the forum to request refunds, please make sure to follow the instructions for filling for a refund. See this link: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/188-request-a-refund/
    14. Then might i recommend botting something that isn't highly botted to lower your ban rates?
    15. As with all botting there is a risk, only bot on what you are willing to lose.
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