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    1. Then why did you bot in 1st place?
    2. When selecting gear there is at top chech mark. Mark it and it shoud work. I had same problems. Works fine for me
    3. For demon slayer: Stuck at dialog for Wizard Traiborn's key just reapiting same dialong not going futher Had to do that part manualy, but otherwise works great
    4. Misspeling there But so far script works great
    5. Work great mostly ussing red dye somtimes 1 berry is missing but no big deal
    6. Started with 0 runecrafting after going to Air altar goes to crafting guild
    7. Coal isnt filed up mouse jsut hovers over Was running steel bars
    8. when clue for barbarian is kinda stuck on ladder. Goes up and down
    9. https://prnt.sc/Or-vrBD0VApT i did find some bugs 1)Charlie if ask to craft leather chaps goese for body (Doing manualy to fishing this clue) 2)hot/cold clue drayoner manor goes inside and stays steel( Have to click on door to exit and works fine) 3) Hot/cold clue drayoner field dosnt open gates and stays still (Opening gate manualy) 4)Hot/Cold clue Al Kharid mine wants to go trow member zone ( Manualy move closed to spot to solve it) 5) https://prnt.sc/iRccqhclo4pd Goes straig for spot without taking ring and neclase even if you have in bank
    10. I think i did saw somone posting about automated accaunt maker need to dig it up
    11. Ok got it why if you set target it wont hit and kinda stays steels You need to chech use mele combat
    12. Doing flipping on my mein at same time booting. While my IP was flagged all bots banned mein was fine
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