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    1. If he gives his discord @ to me i will happily send to him.
    2. Date Purchased: 11/23/2023 Script Purchased: RQuester Script Creator (tag them with @): @Roma Reason for Refund: Script is not functional, finished 1 quest by itself. Other than that it failed every single time. Had Fixed mode on, fresh start etc. Even tried setting it naked and no go. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs): <- will send to pandemic again Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies): Desired Outcome: Refund (back to payment method or store credit) / Issue Fixed / Script Swap - Store credit
    3. Failed on Recipe for disaster on the cook. Kept going in the recipe for disaster room with egg, flour, bowl of water, bucket of milk and teleporting out and running back.
    4. Tree gnome village it fails before even starting the quest. Do you have a discord to join? Its failed on almost every single quest ive tried so far. Mountain DR i had to finish the last bc it picked up the bear head/woman and just didnt do anything else afterwards.
    5. Fight arena failing when talking to Barman at first. Will not talk to him period. Unless i manually talk to him, Will not purchase the beer.
    6. Date Purchased: -----11-20-2023 Script Purchased: ------Nex Nmz Script Creator (tag them with @):----- @Nex Reason for Refund: -----Script failing, when not logged in/or logging in it and starting the script, it doesnt show the gui and crashed client over and over. 10 hrs later it finally let me launch it, but i'm sceptical about it since i literally just purchased and it wouldnt let me use it for hours. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs):------- Ill send on discord to @Pandemic <- too big of video Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies): Desired Outcome: Refund (back to payment method or store credit) / Issue Fixed / Script Swap----- Store Credit
    7. Seems to work fine for me, sorry for the late reply. Just seen this.
    8. I think you need to delete/redownload to be able to use normally again!
    9. Can we have a updated github with the bank function?
    10. Not working correctly at planks wooden table. And not refilling at phials, just running random different places I'm a bot, it worked fine i had wrong stupid planks....
    11. So i put the DB client jar in the top option? I'm not sure what to do. Doing this will make runelite unusable until its deleted, redownloaded. Will the same be for the DB client?
    12. 2x This has happened. I put Jagex launcher application in the Browse>Launch DB Launcher And HDOS Application in the Specify launcher jar, same message each time. I opened HDOS client after it said it was successful. It showed launcher, i went to start and it came up with that. Also will not reopen.
    13. Yes, wiki says Blast Furnace is members.
    14. idhurtit

      Warriors Guild

      Add option to turn off looting. Impossible to use on ironman because it just wants to loot others stuff.
    15. Must have Giant Dwarf started and must be in the Blast Furnace room. Pumps at Blast Furnace until 99+ Strength. Will move screen every few minutes to stay logged in. If script cannot see the pump, give it a few to interact with it. If a lot of people are on the pump it may take awhile. Will need 30+ Strength to use the pump, or you will need a boost of some type. DISCORD red__hacker#1255 . -Upcoming additions More onPaint stuff Ability to choose to only pump or pump/agility. -New additions Able to start script in any location instead of only Blast Furnace UPCOMING!
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