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    1. MaxHerbiboar Description: Hunts Herbiboar on Fossil island. Averages 115k - 125k Hunter XP/H and up to 500k GP/H depending on Herblore level. Features: Herb sack support Magic secateurs support Stamina potion support Adjustable anti-ban Anti-ban: Script uses human-like delays and AFKing Script utilizes unique account data to randomize patterns making every account unique Customizable value between 250-1000. Lower the value, more often it will activate. Minimum requirements 80 Hunter 31 Herblore (higher is recommended for more GP/H) Completion of Bone Voyage Construction of bank chest on Fossil island Start script on Fossil island Recommended set-up: Full graceful (High agility also is recommended) Magic secateurs equipped Herb sack in inventory Stamina potions in bank or inventory
    2. Usually your IDE will import this for you automatically, or prompt you that it is missing
    3. Description: Hunts Chompy birds. This is needed for Western Provinces diaries of all tiers, has a high drop rate pet, and unlocks cool hats! Features: Multiple location support Ranging potion, Devine ranging potion, Ranging mix support Plucking Chompy support. This is great for pet hunting as it gives an additional roll for the pet World hopping support if area is occupied or crashed Smart detection of Chompies that are not ours Adjustable antiban Anti-ban: Script uses human like delays and AFKing Script utilizes unique account data to randomize patterns Requirements: Completion of Big Chompy Bird Hunting Have Ogre bow or Comp Ogre bow equipped Have Ogre arrows or Brutal arrows equipped Have Ogre Bellows in inventory Have 3 empty inventory slots Have ranging potions in inventory if using them Recommended equipment: Ogre comp bow Adamant+ brutal arrows Ava's accumulator Full range void
    4. What's wrong with GZulrah?
    5. camelCases red chinchomper account building script will do this for you leveling all the way to chins.
    6. At a quick glance I noticed a few things. What happens during the quest if the user does not have inventory space to pick up the items needed? Will it spam click ground items forever if my inventory is full? Also there's a few interactions that aren't null checked such as picking up the spade. What happens if someone else has picked up the spade and it doesn't exist? Overall looks alright - bit hard to follow. However Earnest the chicken is one of the older quests in OSRS so doesn't have many player configs that change throughout the quest. As you start writing other quests you notice that they have many config changes and you can better write the script into more readable chunks based on where you are in the quest state
    7. Fixed in last update. Thx for report
    8. Stuck where. Can you pm me please
    9. You could try setting the timer for 20h or however long you want the bot to run. Then use If statements to check if timer remaining is between 20h and 19h, then go grand exchange. If between 19h and 18h go lumbridge etc.. Not the best way to handle it but easy enough to figure out if you want something working
    10. I would suggest not using tiles but use areas. That way you afk in a different spot rather than the same tile every time. You will also need to handle being idle for an hour. You'll automatically log out if you're afk that long so you'll need to think of a way to interact and stay logged in. Don't sleep for a fixed time and don't set the timer for a fixed time either. Use Calculations.random to at least add a bit of randomness to your sleeps.
    11. https://github.com/Amoz3/Dreambot-script-collection https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23908-open-source-8-scripts/ This is from camalCase and has some good examples to look at. Regarding knowledge the tutorials here are very basic. Java knowledge and ways of solving problems go from basic to extremely complex. You can certainly learn enough to automate most tasks yes; but as for the most efficient ways to solve them? No. That comes from years of java knowledge and practical experience.
    12. There are many tutorials on the forums although many are outdated, the fundamentals stay the same. I found it quite helpful when starting out to look at lots of open source scripts on GitHub, and apply what I saw to things I was working on. Small snippets of code can be applicable to lots of different tasks and then once you understand them more, you can expand. Good luck!
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