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    1. You'll have to go to the quests tab and enable them, gl, read FAQ for tips on not being banned.
    2. This is the first time I've heard anyone say that maybe I could add an option to make it faster in the next version?
    3. There's no looting, it's slow, probably botlike and eats into xp gain.
    4. The script will refuse to do things in places where you can be attacked, perhaps the Queen Scorpion (or regular ones) would eat you if you went in there.
    5. Oops yeah this happened because it wanted to cook 1 thing but actually had the other thing in the bank already so it's better to cook. The entire bank is memorised, and it'll typically buy as much armour as it can afford given its gp situation. I don't remember exactly how smithing-buying works, what did it do wrong, not account for having loads of 1 ore and a bit of the other?
    6. i don't see anything overtly wrong logged here, what was it doing?
    7. If you can get a screenshot of what happens in the console when this happens I'll be able to investigate. Woah thanks there's actually an update coming for tomorrow.
    8. Taking a scientific approach is great, but these results seem rather below average to me. There are users currently (this week) getting accounts from lv3 to ttl 400-600+ (see discord #screenshots channel), which takes many more hours than listed here. There is quite a lot of variation between users, and I imagine this comes from uncontrolled factors, most of which are listed in the FAQ at the top of the thread. One of the big ones you may want to consider is whether tutorial island was botted or not. I would be interested to see if your conclusions change after reading the FAQ, testing your IP quality, and applying its principles.
    9. For advice on bans read the FAQ at the top of the thread or in Discord. The main culprits for being banned early are botting tutotial island or bad proxies.
    10. It would be great if you could give more info on what the bot was doing so I can investigate if it was a script or a client based error. It won't bother eating until it reaches Tier II of combat, until then it's faster and cheaper to run back. Might change in the future if the bot has enough gp.
    11. I think this is for the dreambot webwalker to do, which is soon to be upgraded. You should suggest that to Pandemic and it might get added.
    12. Your client may borked, turn on fresh start and restart it. This teleport only happens when the dreambot webwalker gets lost.
    13. That's a somewhat disappointing run, check out the FAQ at the top of the thread if you haven't already for tips on the matter.
    14. Looting is not helpful for XP rates, gives very little profit, and may contribute to bans.
    15. Not possible, but you can click the refresh arrow next to the play button to achieve the same-ish effect.
    16. You can set max playtime in a day, if you want to set break lengths i suggest using DreamBot's handler for them. Interesting choice of gear, normally that doesn't happen but every once in a while there'll be an edge case where that happens (perhaps it started with <5 attack and the staff equipped?)
    17. Any reasonable muling scheme should suffice. There might be good ones in the FAQ but they've recently had some issues and idk if they're resolved yet. BTW the update with some anti-ban freshening after primes just released, give it a go
    18. That's a shame, you've seen the FAQ about how to avoid bans right? The main reasons are botting tutorial island and poor IP quality. That said, we're just coming out of Amazon Primes, and there's going to be an update tonight to freshen some anti-ban stuff, so look forward to that.
    19. Haha sorry for the confusion but I am definitely not Eagle Scripts.
    20. Varies per-script, but certainly a lot of experience is needed to get things running smoothly despite the hype. Bans were elevated recently due to Primes. The IP thing only really matters for VPNs unless you have loads of bans. In some cases yeah scripters have frameworks they pick bits from. Good scripters change things up each time to ensure anti-pattern remains robust. Large chunks of most scripts will come from pre-existing frameworks, and some will ofc be newly written. Price comes from the aforementioned framework, the support period you'll presumably be getting, profit potential, and market rates. I cba to support so I don't offer pscripts myself. I agree, most of the time you'll be needing a better proxy, this trips up so many want-to-be farmers. But presumably there are a few such pscript sellers out there and you'd do well to avoid them. IMO having read everything fault is largely with buyer for not being specific enough from the outset, but ideally the writer should ask questions if/when there are ambiguities (although you shouldn't expect them to iron out all your ambiguities).
    21. pretty sure there's a small buffer of 2-3 levels to stop the bot from mining painfully slowly if it only has the level required and no more
    22. Good to hear, unlikely to add rc unless it gets reworked for F2P because like prayer it's so slow to train with little F2P benefit.
    23. For tips on avoiding bans I'd suggest seeing the FAQ, most frequent offenders are botting tutorial island and IP, although bans will be a bit faster over the next 3 days due to amazon prime. Was resolved over Discord, issue with Macs hiding the begin button. It typically solves it in 3-5 minutes. Special case with black picks, the script ignores them because they're really expensive.
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