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  • Pandemic's Script Creator


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    Buy Today for only $29.99!

    Pandemic's Script Creator

    Create infinite private scripts with ZERO programming using simple building blocks.


    Join the Discord

    Guides, tips, and shared user scripts can all be found on the Discord.

    Community Scripts

    The Discord has a variety of free community made scripts that you can run or use for inspiration on your own scripts:


    Current Community Scripts

    (last updated May 11)

    MItta's Chicken Killer

    G.E. Begger F2P & P2P

    Mitta's AIO Woodcutting

    AIO Jewelry

    Seers Rooftop

    Canifis Rooftops

    Gem rocks underground

    Barbarian Fish and Cook

    Fisher's Fly Fisher

    F2P Shrimp Fisher

    Ectofuntus Grinder/Offerer

    Shrimp Fisher

    Nechryael Looter and Alcher

    Anglerfish Fisher

    Crafting Guild Cowhide Producer

    Mitta's Tutorial Island

    Barronite Crusher

    Lesser Demon Killer

    Progressive Curses

    POH House Tab Maker (Phials)

    GE Walker

    Clay Miner (West Varrock)

    Air Talisman Drop Trick

    Sand Crabs to 70

    F2P Shrimp Fisher

    Bryophyta Alcher

    (F2P) Progressive Platebody Auto-Smither

    with more being added daily!

    Available Actions

    • Custom Actions
      • Create your own actions to use between ALL of your scripts to save time
    • Script Actions
      • Stop script, change script, create label, go to label, return to start, etc.
    • Logic Actions
      • and, or, else
    • Variable Actions
      • Set and check variables stored from other areas in your script
    • Player, NPC, Game Objects, and Ground Items Actions
      • Find and interact with various things in game using a ton of available filters
    • Walking Actions
    • Inventory Actions
    • Equipment Actions
    • Bank Actions
    • Shop Actions
    • Magic Actions
    • Sleep Actions
    • Random Actions
    • Paint Actions
      • Create and draw a fully custom paint for your script
    • Grand Exchange Actions
    • Timer Actions
    • Prayer Actions
    • Dialogue Actions
    • Widget Actions
    • World Actions
    • Quests Actions
    • Deposit Box Actions
    • Tabs Actions
    • Mouse Actions
    • Keyboard Actions
    • Camera Actions
    • Config/Varbit Actions
    • Trade Actions
    • Friend Actions
    • Clan Actions
    • Clan Chat Actions
    • Hint Arrow Actions
    • Minigame Teleport Actions
    • Skill Tracker Actions
    • Discord Actions
      • Send custom webhook notifications in your script
    • Socket Actions
      • Listen and send messages to any socket, even on remote computers!













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    Pasted image 2.png  

    Pasted image.png

    Pasted image 1.png

    Pasted image 3.png

    Pasted image 5.png

    Pasted image 8.png

    Pasted image 9.png

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    Can't wait to try it. Make personal scripts that fit your style of play. I have some Java knowledge from making Android apps.


    Suggestion is make user built scripts shareable as well if they want.

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    • Pandemic changed the title to Pandemic's Script Creator

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