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    1. No plans for that. This will solely be for the f2p mining guild.
    2. Give it a try next compile, -params <number of ores before banking> -params 14
    3. Sorry about that, thanks for the report. I'll investigate. For now you can start in Ferox and the script should work, or disable injections
    4. Please paste the debug logs
    5. That's right. These portals can be found as NPC when not a GameObject
    6. Part of the disconnect is changing the world. It should hop until it finds ores to mine. Thanks for you feedback, I will implement that parameter soon
    7. Sounds like it was detecting people and disconnecting to avoid them. The lost connection is part of that I might consider adding a parameter that lets the user decide how many ores before banking. I get PKed a lot, which is why it banks so often. Would that be useful for you?
    8. The script will stop itself from running if the mining level requirements aren't met. 60 is the level required to mine in the mining guild. Sorry there's limited free options at the moment, doing my best to help with that. I'll add a power miner to my list of scripts to write
    9. You'll need 60 mining to mine in the guild, so I've coded a shutdown into the script if the player doesn't meet those requirements
    10. Thanks for the report - I'm not reproducing this. Can you add me on discord (check profile) and send over some screenshots?
    11. Hey, this version on the SDN only supports f2p worlds. If you'd like a customized version for a reasonable price, add my discord (check profile).
    12. With breaks !
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