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    1. there is a few reqs buddy. 78 mage, Tan Leather is a Lunar spell which tans up to 5 hides in the player's inventory without the usual cost associated with tanning with an NPC. In order to cast the spell, the player must have completed at least the hard tier of the Fremennik Diary.
    2. @GE TANNING LEATHER Welcome to my very first script. Tans Leather at G.E Supports Green, Blue, Red and Black hides. Profit Tip at GUI. Afk anti-ban, skill hover, camera position. Money per hour: 1m+ Supports Rune pouch. Stops when out of runes. Stops when out of hides.
    3. Runescape just updated it will be fixed soon botters. xD
    4. The script click outside de crafting guild(trying to find something else). I changed the script to game.objects, specific bank location, bank type chest and still persist.
    5. It seems there is a problem using the crafting guild banking chest.
    6. smith addy pl8 at varrock is broken. the acc logout as soon as it starts!
    7. 7:43:03 PM: [INFO] Successfully refreshed scripts! 7:43:05 PM: [INFO] Now loading Dreamy Firemaking... 7:43:05 PM: [INFO] Saving client settings... 7:43:05 PM: [INFO] Client settings saved successfully! 7:43:05 PM: [INFO] Successfully saved client settings! 7:43:06 PM: [INFO] Starting Dreamy Firemaking now! 7:43:06 PM: [INFO] Script set to running! 7:43:06 PM: [SCRIPT] Starting skill tracker 7:43:16 PM: [SCRIPT] java.io.FileWriter@9a43e01 7:43:20 PM: [INFO] Stopped Dreamy Firemaking! 7:43:20 PM: [INFO] Successfully downloaded the latest web nodes! 7:43:21 PM: [INFO] Successfully downloaded the latest web nodes! 7:43:22 PM: [WARN] This script isn't compatible with this build of DreamBot. 7:43:22 PM: [ERROR] This script needs to be compiled against the latest DreamBot build: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'org.dreambot.api.input.mouse.destination.AbstractMouseDestination org.dreambot.api.wrappers.items.Item.getDestination()' at org.zawy.dreamyfiremaking.j.a(j.java:52) at org.zawy.dreamyfiremaking.m.onLoop(m.java:135) at org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript.run(AbstractScript.java:237) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:1589)
    8. Im working on RC script and im wondering if there is a way to count the runes that goes to the runepouch. Thanks.
    9. Finishing the project. What do you guys think?
    10. private void takeBreak() { Logger.log("Executing anti-ban Take a break"); this.getRandomManager().disableSolver(RandomEvent.LOGIN); Tabs.logout(); Mouse.moveOutsideScreen(true); Sleep.sleep(20*60*1000, 24*60*1000); this.getRandomManager().enableSolver(RandomEvent.LOGIN); }
    11. im making a switch function and Id like to add click objects, bump mouse, price check, and click players. I've seen this features but idk how to write the code correctly. Ive learned the check stats for example: Skills.open(); Sleep.sleep(300, 2 * 1000); Skills.hoverSkill(Skill.MINING); Sleep.sleep(300, 2 * 1300); Tabs.open(Tab.INVENTORY); Could u help me? thanks.
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