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  • PSC Pro Tools | Secure and Export Your PSC Scripts into Jar Files | Fully Customizable Script Output


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    Buy today for only $19.99/mo!

    PSC Pro Tools
    for use by Pandemic's Script Creator Script Developers



    Once encrypted and securely exported, you can place the final jar file in your DreamBot's Scripts folder and it would appear like this:


    and runs like a normal script like any other, exactly as well as it performs in Pandemic's Script Creator!


    Why would I want this tool?

    This tool is perfect for script makers using Pandemic's Script Creator wanting to sell or otherwise share their scripts with people that don't have Pandemic's Script Creator. It's particularly great for private script sellers that want to sell their PSC scripts securely.

    Does this include Pandemic's Script Creator?

    This is just a utility to securely package a PSC script into a Jar file, and does not include Pandemic's Script Creator. You can purchase it separately here.

    Is the script jar obfuscated or otherwise safe from tampering?

    Every script exported with this tool is securely encrypted using AES-GCM encryption ensuring that people that shouldn't have access to it won't. When using any protection mode other than insecure they are impossible to decrypt without the correct password or being logged in as a DreamBot user with access to that specific script.

    What happens if my subscription expires?

    This isn't a problem. Any script jar's exported during a valid subscription period will always function just as they were exported, even the server based protection options like user id's. The only thing you won't be able to do is export more scripts (obviously) or update any existing scripts.

    What happens if I refund/dispute/chargeback?

    Any scripts built during the subscription period will stop working. In the case of a dispute or chargeback the standard DreamBot policy will be applied and your account may be banned.

    Can I get a trial?

    There are no trials available for this script as it's extremely simple and just works. If you're unhappy with the script after purchasing, refunds are available (although rare due to the nature of this script).

    Will the exported jar run the same as in Pandemic's Script Creator?

    Yes! All actions (except the Change Script action for PSC scripts) and custom paint options are supported. Your exported jar will run exactly the same as it did when you exported the script. Your exported jars aren't affected by future PSC updates that might change script behavior as it's pinned at the current version when you export.

    Is QuickStart supported on the exported jar's?

    Yes! QuickStart works exactly the same as it does with PSC. The only time it's different is if your jar is secured by a password, then the first argument MUST be the password to decrypt the script. That way you don't need to manually enter a password on each start.

    Does this create Java source I can manually edit from my PSC script?

    No. This tool only exports fully runnable scripts as built jar's, it doesn't turn it into Java source or classes that can be decompiled for editing.

    Can I release the exported jar file on the DreamBot SDN?

    No. For the same reason above, the exported script doesn't create Java source files which are required for the DreamBot SDN. This only builds a local jar file to be used like any other local script.

    Does the "dangerous actions" popup appear when running the exported jar?

    No, as these are local jar's that require people to download and put them in their Scripts folder, they take the same risk as anyone else running a local script.


    Buy today for only $19.99/mo!

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    • 2 weeks later...
    PSC Pro Tools has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.01 and is available in the client!

    • Fixed issue if allowed user ids is empty

    Time since request was made: 38 seconds

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