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    1. Just pushed an update to these methods, haven't tested but it should prevent these null pointers.
    2. Requested recompile. Issues with Ernest and Cooks Assistant have been resolved in my testing. Please let me know if there are any bugs after the new version is released.
    3. Yeah Ernest may be broken, haven't had a chance to update this, been busy. I will get around to it sooner or later.
    4. The drop methods is dreambots default drop method, I did not write this. They probably did it to add randomness.
    5. I'll need to refactor some of the code when I have time, been busy with work. No tester accounts available either atm so I need to create a couple.
    6. You're botting smarter than I, been suiciding to test and getting banned for it lol; but this is great to hear, glad you are enjoying the script.
    7. Sounds like the new web walker. People were mentioning it takes really random routes, can't say that will improve unless I write my own walking methods.
    8. That is definitely strange, do you see the same behavior fishing manually? I don't see any additional interactions that would stop fishing.
    9. Many scripts are using deprecated methods and require updates as a result of changes to the api. You can access a previous build of the client here but it won't be supported forever: For those particular scripts, to use the new client, you will need to wait for the writer to update it.
    10. New version awaiting approval on the SDN, deprecated methods have been updated.
    11. I need to handle this through custom nodes, the web walker has difficulty here.
    12. What fish is it not banking? I have not had this issue with two types of fish.
    13. Anti-ban is simply anti pattern, there is no way to prevent bans entirely unless you use more advanced bots that leverage machine learning to play like a human.
    14. Glad to hear it. I have two F2P accounts at 60+ no ban yet; my original test accounts too.
    15. I can't say I have observed this behavior. There is a check to only fish if the players inventory is not full and it is not currently animating (fishing). I will test longer to confirm.
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