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    1. There's nothing really to show, it just stops. Just like when I trial tested it month ago, just like for other people, whos been reporting to you back in time. I assuming you're not remotely interested in adding vial and food drops, because "script have to just work his main function" Which still it doesn't. I wasted money on karambwans script and now wasting on this?
    2. After banking withdraws potion, food and stops. Also doesn't drop empty vial, wasting inventory space. Also at the end of trip doesn't drop/eat food, also wasting inventory space and profit. Banking in general is pretty broken and should be rewritten. There several problems with banking people were reporting long time ago and they still there. Knowing you, i'm looking forward to an update after month or two...
    3. Probably, I run client on 6-8 fps, if that matters. Maybe could add some check so if it doesn't have gold in inventory, make it check in bank or smth similar
    4. Never caught it in action. But from 20 bots I leave overnight, atleast 3-5 got stuck this way. Well not stuck, but script stops obviously
    5. Hey, it happens pretty often that script banks money with other items and stops. Locations and shops doesn't matter. Maybe add some extra check or smth
    6. After buying needed item, he still hangs out in ge screen. I'm pretty much giving up on this script. Making ranarr potions is what most of people interested when buying this script, it's incredible simple task. This script is 5 years old. If you encounter several separate bugs on such a simple task, it's a bad sign. It runs fine when just making potions, but when it need to restock it sooner or later encounters some of MANY bugs.
    7. Here's another bug, it supposed to buy herbs, but just opens ge and does nothing, moves mouse and sometimes clicks on some tabs.
    8. Yea, fresh start enabled. It seems that script tries to click on noted tab and missclicks on the ground each time or presses esc at the same time, hard to tell, and obviously closes bank. In general script missclick very often, clicks on things he shouldn't - on the random tabs at gui, even saw it stuck on other players report screen. Once he couldn't open bank and by slightly moving camera it fixed it... It's ridiculous. https://youtu.be/TFdCmZuUYjg
    9. Ge restocking is buggy as hell, there's no way I can left bots overnight, they get stuck barely after hour. And it's not only one bug, several. Most common bug is that it stuck in loop opening and closing bank(either it was bank or ge) when he should sell made potions. It was bank he was opening and closing, when manually withdraw him noted potions, script continued fine When herbs is bought and he need to just make potions he also often get stuck opening and closing bank for no reason, can you please look in to this asap, I already wasted a lot of prime accounts on
    10. Gets stuck very often at bank withdrawing and trying to equip glory even he already have it equipped. Same with ring of dueling...
    11. Stamina pots not gonna make you more gp/h long therm, tried it. Script have more serious issues to need fix - not going to safe place when break starts, and often wondering in wrong house. Been mentioning this for over an month. I'm tired of waking two times every night to look which bots have died or stuck
    12. Hey, not always, but pretty often when trading screen is open and inventory is full, script still waits time left to jump to another world and just then banks. If I manually close trading screen, it banks normally
    13. Hey, would really appreciate if you could somehow give us to control amount of food taken, or maybe at least option to drop or eat food when inventory is full with staffs. Shouldn't take long time to script in. As you can see without this, it cuts profit to almost half Allowing script continue running when bank is out of food would also work fine... Btw I like how script optimizes use of running energy.
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