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    1. I guess it works good. Just need ranging potion support, preferably both - ranging and divine ranging. Also it pick ups arrows way to often, would be better to make him pick them up after kill. This has to be one of best ranging xp out there, crabs are very weak to ranging, have a lot hp and have max hit of 1
    2. It's not implemented? Can't believe it, isn't that the main purpose of script... Most shops offer both - selling and buying, in some cases you can almost double your profits by doing both. @Hashtag really looking forward you to add this option Should be fairly easy to script
    3. Hi, I can't really figure out how to get working both - buying and selling on same profile. Separate they work great, probably missing something
    4. Hi, works pretty damn good, around 300k/h, not sure about banrates yet. Only thing you got wrong is system how it uses potions, it withdraws 2 energy potions in inventory and run to buy boots, its unnecessary to waste inventory space, you can just make him drink potions when he's at castle wars banking, same with stamina potions I assume. Looks like 50 run energy is more than enough to run from Burthorpe to shop. So that's my suggestion Looking forward to update hopefully
    5. Can I control how much food it withdraws? I barely need any food for my account, it keeps withdraw 10 tunas, big waste of inventory space
    6. I think it actually requires Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest to even access the shop. Need to be done by hand, doubt any quest scripts supports that. Also requires 15 agility, 30 cooking, 5 fishing. Don't you think you should have mention this "small detail"
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