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    1. Hey @Roma ,yeah you can use can account, check your pm's
    2. Hey, @Roma Found a few small bugs. Knights sword quest. on f2p setting it can get stuck trying to hop to member worlds. on normal settings it can hop to f2p world in which it can't use it's teletabs so it gets stuck. Dwarf Cannon. Picks up remains then idles or continues to try pick them up, doesn't go back to Captain Lawgof, You have to manually go through the dialogue until you give him the remains to for the script to continue. All the log says is: 12:49:11 PM: [SCRIPT] New task: Getting the remains 12:49:11 PM: [DEBUG] Path Node owner is null for obstacle Gate 12:49:11 PM: [DEBUG] Path Node owner is null for obstacle Gate 12:49:15 PM: [DEBUG] Path Node owner is null for obstacle Gate 12:49:15 PM: [DEBUG] Path Node owner is null for obstacle Gate 12:49:15 PM: [DEBUG] Path Node owner is null for obstacle Gate 12:49:15 PM: [DEBUG] Path Node owner is null for obstacle Gate
    3. Hi, During the Dwarf Cannon quest. At Task: Getting the remains. It gets stuck right after it picks up the dwarf remains, then stays trying to pick them up even when it has then in the inventory or freezes.
    4. Trialed, I had bought everything that's required already. Walks to Doric (Without any of the items needed for quest), goes through chat dialogue then get's stuck. clicking the chat options manually makes the bot go through them until it gets stuck again at. "where can I find those" "Certainly, I'll be right back"
    5. I think Dreamy is working on one
    6. Kind of not usable atm, always banks with not full inventory, barely any profits at the end
    7. Cmon man, do I really need to go thru all that mambo jambo to get refund, to your job, it takes 2 minutes
    8. Can you please look in to watermelon slicing, there's some error. It also should withdraw 9 watermelons instead of full inventory. I think same problems was with pineapples, just it have to withdraw 7 pineapples there DreamBot-1654147835308.log
    9. Just prepared half day for my cooking farm, just to realize cooking script supports only bucket of water, instead of jugs, as just common sense would make. Have you played the game actually? There this thing called daily trading volume for items. To add for previous poster, I had same experience, all my bug fix requests was ignored, my complaints removed from his discord, scripts overall very buggy and customer support is practically nonexistent. Just like Dreamy's scripts, more than half of them are at state, that they just simply too buggy, they doesn't work. And there's zero interest in fixing them. I think it's time to purge those two, Hosfad is done, those two should be next
    10. playmorecs

      @ Mixer

      Jesus christ, how about at least explain what the the hell parent and child widgets are, and where to get correct ID's
    11. Works great, till it happens that Moss giant and player happens to be in same tile, giant then doesn't attack anymore
    12. Actually restricted accs will have limited to 20 noted items of each kind and max 10k of gold. To mule gold from restricted accs you better buy random rune items or whatever, max 20 of each kind and kill your bot in wildy. Your bot have to be skulled
    13. Ge still broken, how this haven't been fixed yet, what the hell. Dreambot ge api doesn't work also
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